BRT 14.5″ OPTIMUM Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Barrel

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Product Description

Black River Tactical Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Barrels are designed and built to meet the needs of serious shooters who demand the highest levels of accuracy and durability along with seamless suppressor compatibility.
Black River Tactical HF CL barrels start with the most durable and accurate blank possible using a precision cold hammer forging process and certified material. The barrels use a medium-light taper profile to keep weight down while maintaining strength. This produces a balanced weapon when a suppressor and other accessories are added. The barrels are finished with an advanced hard chrome lining process that maintains peak accuracy and withstands severe firing schedules.
Black River Tactical HF CL barrels deliver the performance to get the job done in demanding real world conditions.

This barrel can be pinned and welded up to a non-NFA length using a muzzle device over 2.070″ long and is a perfect match for a 13″ long hand guard.
Some examples:

  • BRT Covert Comp 762 with thick shim
  • Dead Air KM Brake
  • Dead Air Xeno Flash Hider
  • FCD 6315KM, 1215KM
  • Rugged 3 Port Brake
  • SF Socom SF3P-556
  • SF Warcomp
  • Dead Air Flash Hider
  • SOLGW NOX Keymount
  • Noveske KX5


  • Hammer Forged for extreme durability and accuracy. BRT’s precision hammer forging process produces an exceptionally straight and smooth bore finish with ideal land and grooves profiles, all of which are key to maintaining accuracy. The forging process creates beneficial grain flow alignment which improves toughness and increases hardness.
  • Chrome Lined Chamber and Bore for excellent service life and resistance to corrosion. BRT’s industry leading process was developed specifically to address the unique requirements of precision firearm barrels and includes 5 key improvements to ensure highly uniform and accurate results. This includes an electro-polishing treatment before chrome lining.
  • 5.56 Chamber for compatibility with all high pressure military 5.56 and civilian .223 ammunition. BRT’s multi-step process produces true mil-spec chamber dimensions with excellent concentricity and includes separate operations for throating and chamber polishing.
  • Gas System tuned for reliable use with and without a suppressor attached. BRT’s gas system configurations and gas port dimensions are the product of extensive engineering backed by exhaustive testing. The results are an balance of wide reliability margin, smooth operation and seamless suppressor compatibility with near zero “gas to face” issues.
    Buffer Recommendations
    – Unsuppressed: H or CAR, VLTOR A5H0
    – Suppressed: H2, VLTOR A5H2


Technical Information


5.56 NATO / .223 Remington

Barrel Twist



Manganese Phosphate

Firearm Compatibility

Gas Block Size


Thread Pitch

1/2 x 28



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