RailScales High Temp Polymer HTP Scales for KeyMod


Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
OD Green
Sniper Grey

Product Summary

5 Hole Keymod High Temp Polymer Rail Scales. Our HTP™ Scales are made from the same patented textures and hardware as our machined G10 line of rail scales, but in a more affordable heat-stabilized nylon. Add texture, grip, and heat protection to your KeyMod or M-LOK rails. Available in 4 textures, 4 colors, in 3 or 4 pack quantities. Only 0.010″ thicker than the G10 line and 1/3 of the cost.

Detailed Description


Our HTP Scales have the same hardware & patent-pending textures as our machined G10 RailScales line at 1/3 of the cost. By utilizing high temperature, heat stabilized, glass filled nylon, we achieve almost the same heat-resistant properties as the more costly G10. Our HTP Scales boast a 20 percent heat rating increase over similar poly rail covers.

Thin is In

RailScales are, incredibly, only 0.125 of an inch thin, which is only 43 percent of the thickness of our imitators. This is achieved by our proprietorially designed and manufactured KeyMod nuts. We designed our scales and hardware in conjunction with each other to achieve the thinnest, most functional RailScales on the market.


Our HTP Scales are available in two of our patent-pending textures: Dragon & Honeycomb. Our textures are engineered to maximize maximizing surface area while maintaining a minimal footprint.

Blend In

HTP Scales are available in 5 popular colors to match your current rail system. Choose from Black, Sniper Grey, Foliage Green, Flat Dark Earth, & Olive Drab Green. The HTP Scales are sold in 3 Packs.

In House Hardware

We design and manufacture our Gen 2 Keymod Nuts and reversible Keymod Nuts to our exacting specifications, right here in the USA.

The Fine Print

  • 0.135″ Thin
  • 0.625″ Wide
  • 0.3oz Each
  • Keymod 5 Hole




Technical Information

Color / Pattern

Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), OD Green, Sniper Grey


Dragon, Honeycomb, Matrix, Minidot

Mounting Platform

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