Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0 Light Head


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Product Description

This light head is for REIN light bodies only. Due to the advanced thermal and electrical design of the REIN 3.0, Cloud Defensive does not condone the use of the REIN 3.0 light head on handheld MCH light bodies/tails. Do not try this. REIN light heads need to stay on weapons only.

Output Specs & New Features (with REIN 3.0 head):

  • 90,000 Candela peak beam intensity (With 18650)
  • 1100 Lumens output (With 18650)
  • 65 minutes run-time (With 18650)
  • Dual-Fuel capability. REIN 3.0 runs on 18650 and now can also run on two CR123 batteries. 18650 rechargeable battery provides the best output, by far. However, you can now use 2 CR123A batteries if needed. You will see reduced output with CR123A batteries (50,000 Candela, 400 Lumens and 60 minutes runtime, respectively).
  • 3” Bezel diameter – smaller than the original REIN in diameter.

REIN Remote Switch Warning:

These light heads will work on all REIN 1.0, REIN 2.0 and REIN 3.0 bodies. However, there was a rolling change on tail cap production made around July of 2021. The original tail caps feature a single (gold) spring. The upgraded tailcaps feature a 2-spring design (a spring housed inside another spring) and these units are nickel-plated. The new 2-spring design is required for use with the REIN 2.0 and 3.0 as it lowers electrical resistance and allows for the higher performance the new lights are capable of supporting.

The single-spring version of the tailcap must never be used with the REIN 2.0 or 3.0 light heads. USING THE SINGLE SPRING WITH A REIN 2.0 or 3.0 LIGHT HEAD WILL CAUSE FAILURE OF THE SWITCH AND THIS IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. You can easily identify a switch that has suffered this failure. So if it happens, everybody involved will know very clearly how that switch failed.




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