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Different Types of Shotgun Muzzle Devices

There are many different types of muzzle devices for shotguns available today. While a muzzle brake was the traditional choice for shotguns to reduce recoil, many hobbyists now opt for more advanced ones for better accuracy and power. Below is a quick look at the different types shotgun accessories, specifically shotgun muzzles available on the market today as well as their various uses.

Choke Adjustment

Choke adjustments typically allow users to fine-tune the barrel’s bore at the muzzle end of the shotgun. Some of the modern models even extend beyond the muzzle, while some come with holes to redirect the escaping gasses upward and thereby reduce muzzle flip. However, extended choke adjustment tubes are rarely needed for home defense shotguns, as most of the new models come with cylinder-bore barrels. They might suit the old shotgun models better in the long-run.

Muzzle Brake

Muzzle brakes work to reduce the recoil by redirecting some of the escaping gasses toward the back of the barrel. When a shot is fired, the force of the gas exerts pressure to the edges of the muzzle brake, which moves the shotgun forward and negates the force that would otherwise have pushed the gun backward. Generally, the bigger the muzzle brake is, the more capacity it has to reduce the recoil.

Flash Suppressor

This device is used to reduce the muzzle flash in shotguns. Although shotguns burn most of the gunpowder very quickly and generally exhibit very little muzzle flash, those with shorter barrels might need this additional device to control the light and temperature of the blast. Also known as a flash hider, flash guard, flash cone, or flash eliminator, a flash suppressor is seldom used in shotguns meant for home defense. However, pro users who prefer hunting game animals or birds at dusk might want this muzzle device present on their shotguns.

Tactical Breacher

This advanced muzzle device is usually used by military personnel and law enforcement officers who use shotguns to blast down a door. This type of tactical gear muzzle brake features aggressive metal teeth on the front-end which is used to lock the shotgun’s barrel into the doorframe and maintain its precise placement. This way, the user is able to keep the shotgun pointed in the right direction even if he turns his head to protect his eyes from the blast. However, this type of muzzle device is also rarely used for home defense shotguns.