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We are seeking to immediately fill a Business Administrator position.

You will be responsible for banking, AP/AR, assisting the accounting team on bookkeeping needs and requirements, office and facility management, payroll, PR, executive assistance, and other associated duties. You will provide critical financial management and data management to the company.

This job is an executive assistant/bookkeeping hybrid, with tremendous growth opportunities toward executive financial management (CFO).


  • Act as the primary link between our internal staff and our outside accounting team, assisting with daily bookkeeping duties and requirements.
  • Oversee financial accounts, bank reconciliations, deposits, checks, etc.
  • Manage all Accounts Payable/Receivable (AP/AR), Invoicing, and billing.
  • Manage all payroll and employee timesheets.
  • Project management, job cost/expense reporting.
  • Vendor relationship management.
  • Compliance and legal document management.
  • Executive assistance to CEO.

Daily tasks will include:

  • Communicating with accounting team, assisting them with any daily bookkeeping or data requirements.
  • Overseeing all business bank accounts, tracking balances, depositing checks, processing payments.
  • Booking invoices and bills into accounting software and systems.
  • Managing all Accounts Payable, paying vendors on time.
  • Managing all Accounts Receivable, collecting payments, communicating with customers regarding outstanding balances.
  • Maintaining Cost of Goods Sold accounts by reconciling inbound inventory receipts against bills and payments, working with vendors and purchasing department to address errors or discrepancies.
  • Reviewing, approving, or rejecting Purchase Orders. 
  • Collaborating with purchasing team buyers to address issues.
  • Managing company payroll accounts, verifying hours, time off requests, submitting payrolls, on-boarding new hires, collaborating with accounting team on payroll compliance data and forms.
  • Assisting CEO and managers with interviews and training of new hires.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for facility and service vendors such as utility, electrical, alarm/fire, city/state permitting, etc.
  • Assist CEO or other managers with meeting preparations, data compilation for presentations, etc.
  • Assist with special projects, company events, media/PR, travel planning, etc.

Required Experience / Skills:

  • Prior bookkeeping, accounting, or administrative experience.
  • QuickBooks or similar accounting software experience.
  • Excellent computer skills, ability to navigate and operate multiple types of software systems and learn new software as needed.
  • Highly proficient in Google Sheets and/or Microsoft Office (Excel).
  • Strong written and verbal English skills, ability to write very professional emails, communicate effectively on the phone and fill out forms accurately.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize, excellent time management skills.
  • Ability and willingness to develop and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, vendors, and customers.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge or interest in firearms or tactical sporting goods industry a major plus, but not required.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal hire has very strong attention to detail and excellent accounting/bookkeeping skills. They are organized, thorough, and dependable. They own their day and keep a tight calendar. As the critical link between our internal operation and outside accounting staff, their ability to collaborate and communicate is the key factor to their success. As a team player, they get along well with others and can see themselves succeeding in a small, tight-knit team. They value high-quality work, getting the job done the best way, not the easiest or quickest way. Our company believes in going the extra mile in everything we do, and the Business Administrator will share that value. As a crucial staff member, they understand the weight of their job and are excited to take on great responsibilities and challenges.

    We are seeking to immediately fill an E-Commerce Specialist position to join our high-growth team.
    You will be responsible for maintaining and growing our competitive online presence on third-party e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.


    • Maintain, improve and grow our multi-channel sales accounts.
    • Create and update listings on a daily basis.
    • Collaborate with the marketing department on product media, advertising campaigns, and promotional initiatives.
    • Collaborate with the purchasing team to implement and manage repricing and buy-box strategies to ensure maximum competitiveness and reach profitability goals.
    • Collaborate with operations leadership to manage inventory initiatives and strategies such as with FBA or WFS.
    • Ensure account health across all sales channels by resolving all complaints, errors, or violations.

    Daily tasks include:

    • Building new product listings and variations on Amazon Seller Central, eBay Seller Hub, Walmart Seller Central, and similar channels.
    • Finding, evaluating, and correcting all inaccurate, outdated, or inconsistent listings.
    • Working with marketing and inventory teams to improve listing photos, videos, and other included media.
    • Analyzing and addressing customer complaints, negative feedback, and return reasons, and implementing corrective actions to remedy those issues.
    • Analyzing and building FBA shipments, managing removal orders and suspended inventory, etc.
    • Addressing policy or account violations and working to resolve them as quickly and accurately as possible.

    Required Experience / Skills:

    • Reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and committed, showing a very strong work ethic.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to make data-driven decisions.
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize, excellent time management skills.
    • Excellent IT and computer skills, ability to navigate, operate and maintain multiple types of software systems and new software as needed.
    • Proficient with Google Sheets and/or Microsoft Office (Excel), database systems.
    • Strong written and verbal English skills, ability to write professional product listings, communicate effectively and fill out forms accurately.
    • High level of proficiency with Amazon Seller Central.
    • High level of proficiency with eBay Seller Hub.
    • High level of proficiency with Walmart Seller Central.
    • Knowledge or interest in the firearms or tactical sporting goods industry.

    Ideal Candidate
    Our ideal hire is a seasoned eCommerce expert with excellent communication and time management skills. They know the ins and outs of Amazon, eBay, and Walmart sales channels and are proficient in managing product pages and listings on those platforms. They are highly detail-oriented and computer savvy. They are a team player and are excited to be a part of a small, high-growth company. They have a hobby or professional-level experience with firearms or an interest in the industry and can see themselves succeeding and growing long-term in this role.

    Work Location
    In-Person (Monday-Friday) or Remote WFH


    • Unlimited PTO program, including holidays, vacation, personal time off, etc.
    • Unlimited Paid Sick Leave
    • Clean, professional work environment.
    • Strong company values and work culture.
    • High-growth team
    • Employee discount and generous financing options.

      We are seeking to immediately fill a Warehouse Associate position.


      • Pick and pack orders, manage outbound inventory.
      • Receive, reconcile and manage storage of inbound inventory.
      • Assemble products, packaging, and components.
      • Label, count and organize goods and materials.
      • Inspect parts and products for quality control.
      • Maintain warehouse materials and equipment.
      • Work with a small team of 3-4 other warehouse workers.

      Daily tasks will include:

      • Locate and pick products in a warehouse using a digital picklist
      • Pack orders efficiently and accurately by following on-screen prompts, reviewing order details, and using handheld barcode scanners
      • Taping, labeling, and building boxes as assigned by system and processes
      • Scanning and counting inbound inventory, moving into designated storage locations
      • Identifying order, inventory or fulfillment issues and working with management to resolve them
      • Counting and organizing manufacturing components to prepare assembly work (primarily small parts, such as screws and bolts)
      • Assembling goods using handheld tools such as screwdrivers and drills, presses and other equipment
      • Visually inspecting completed assemblies for quality control, allocating to pass or reject bins
      • Assembling packaging by applying labels and barcodes, folding packaging into final form to prep for finished product
      • Reviewing and meeting deadlines for assembly completion
      • Organizing shipping materials and maintaining shipping equipment

      Experience / Skills:

      • Prior shipping, assembly, manufacturing and/or warehouse experience a plus.
      • Ability to easily navigate Windows operating system and learn new software required.
      • Good or great hand/eye coordination and vision.
      • Fluent in English
      • Ability to handle a wide variety of products and materials ranging from bulky and heavy pallets or components as small as a pin.
      • Knowledge/interest in firearms or tactical sporting goods industry a major plus.
      • Prior military or law enforcement background a plus.

      Ideal Candidate

      Our ideal hire has very strong attention to detail and strong computer skills. This person can easily navigate software and use touchscreen tablets, handheld devices, and PCs. As a motivated and enthusiastic worker, they care about their work and getting it done right. We are looking for a team player who gets along well with others and can see themselves succeeding with a small, tight-knit team.