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Choosing the Best Accessories for your AR-15 Rifle Pt 2

Stick to Simplicity

Keeping your gun as simple as possible is always a better choice in the case that you want to use the gun for an urgent matter or for self-defense. Regardless of the sole purpose, a gun is in its optimal state when it is easy to use always ready for operation. As the gun becomes more complicated and weighed down with add-ons and accessories, it takes longer to assemble and get it ready. The sheer number of accessories added onto your device adds more potential variables for malfunction. Despite many accessories being the cutting edge in technology and high quality materials, it still may be a possibility. Therefore, make sure the device is simple and reliable.

Manage Costs

Cost is a consideration for most people and rightly so. You should spend money only on the accessories that are most integral to your needs. When weighing the purchase of two accessories that are similar in performance and whose purposes are similar, you should generally go with the premium option that outperforms the other. Premium gear is usually built with higher quality material and is guaranteed to last longer, possibly even past the lifespan of your gun itself. If you do choose the cheaper economy option there’s a higher probability for malfunction, in which case you may be wasting money especially if the distributor does not support warranties.

Testing is Necessary

Once you get the weapon upgraded or modified, make sure you test it yourself by hitting the range. If your weapons are geared more towards self-defense, testing them in perfect conditions is good as a first phase but they should be tested further afterwards in less than optimal conditions. Instead of a sterile firing range, you may want to test your AR-15 in challenging conditions like darkness, cold, and rain.

In case you do not feel comfortable with a particular accessory, do not hesitate to return and start from scratch. It is better to improve efficiency rather than choosing to go with the same deficiencies.

One of the advantages of the AR-15 is the modular design of the device. It provides easy swapping of gear. Remember that modifications can be complex or simple. If you’re looking for an easy upgrade, you may want to install a Colt “Gold” extractor spring in the bolt to increase reliability. Changing stocks is a good way to make sure that the AR-15 meets your precise needs. It may be a possibility that you’ll need to compile a new upper assembly along with optics for the application to bolt on to a lower receiver. No matter what accessory you choose, test it thoroughly and choose carefully. Furthermore, give priority to quality materials and take time to assess the essentials for your device.

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