PHLster ARC Enhanced WML Switches for Surefire X300


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Product Description

Improve speed and consistency of weapon-mounted light activation with user-configurable and modular extended switches.

Surefire ARC fits Surefire X300U (A/B/V), X400U (H, RD, GN), XH30, XH35, and XLV2.

The Surefire ARC comes as a set of three pairs of switches. All three pairs are oversized compared to stock and the set includes a Large, XL, and XL blank set. The Large and XL are aggressively textured, improving activation with gloved or wet hands, and requiring less precise dexterity to activate the WML. A blank set in XL size is included for users to carve, modify, or stipple to fit their individual needs. 

Large, XL and stock switches can be mixed and matched, to optimize the WML for right or left-handed use, based on your preferred activation technique, decrease the distance to the switch on some models of a firearm, or simply improve momentary or constant-on activations.

No permanent modifications to the WML are necessary to install the ARC. The original switch caps are easily removed with a small screwdriver or pliers and the ARC switch enhancements press directly onto the switch armature bar. Be aware that the switches are right and left-hand biased, so pay attention to the markings on the ARC switch enhancements. 

Depending on the age of your light, manufacturing tolerances, and their intended use, some users may want to apply a tiny dab of adhesive to the switch armature bar as a final step in their installation, after determining their optimal switch configuration. 

  • Weight: .0625 lbs
  • Dimensions: 2 × .5 × 2 in





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