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The new Cloud Defensive REIN Legacy light body accepts Surefire ™ tail caps and ALL the existing and corresponding remote switches on the market that work with it. Do you want to run your existing Surefire ™ tail caps and Surefire or Unity Tactical ™ remote switches with the REIN 3.0? If so, that moment has arrived!

Output Specs & New Features (with REIN 3.0 head):

  • 90,000 Candela peak beam intensity (With 18650)
  • 1100 Lumens output (With 18650)
  • 65 minutes run-time (With 18650)
  • Dual-Fuel capability. REIN 3.0 runs on 18650 and now can also run on two CR123 batteries. 18650 rechargeable battery provides the best output, by far. However, you can now use 2 CR123A batteries if needed. You will see reduced output with CR123A batteries (50,000)
  • Candela, 400 Lumens and 60 minutes runtime, respectively).
  • 3” Bezel diameter – smaller than the original REIN in diameter.
  • Lower mounting lug profile keeps the REIN 3.0 closer to your rail than ever before.

Included in the package:

  • REIN Legacy Light Body
  • REIN 3.0 Head
  • 18650 Battery
  • Spare o-ring (for REIN 2.0 light heads)

Finally. The REIN Legacy Body gives you the ability the run other tail caps and other remote switches on your REIN. Using a Unity Tactical™ or Surefire™ branded remote switch with a Surefire™ tail cap assembly, with our REIN 3.0 light head and a Cloud Defensive branded 18650 battery, you can expect 90,000 candela from your light. That reflects only a 10% drop from the 100,000 candela the proprietary Cloud Defensive REIN remote switching yields. By giving up that 10%, however (barely noticeable to the eyes), you gain all the cross-compatibility that many of you want and need. And your REIN system is still more powerful than any other option on the market when you factor in the combined lumen and candela capability.

An important word on that 10% loss: It’s approximately a 10% reduction in output and subsequent candela. We use the word “approximate” because that number will technically differ from tail cap to tail cap based on which one you choose. It will also differ from remote switch to remote switch, based on which one you choose. We strongly encourage everybody not to get wrapped up in the nuance of this reality. Instead, focus on the fact you are getting 90% of what the REIN is capable of, and you are getting that through tail caps and remote switches that you already have or want. You generally need dedicated equipment to see a difference in performance from 90% to 100%. And even at 90%, in the case of the REIN 3.0, the Legacy build gives you more capability than any other brand on the market when you factor in the combination of both lumens and candela.

Run-time standards per ANSI/PLATO-FL1 ensure your light performs as long as you need it.

The fuel source that your light head was designed for dictates the fuel source for the REIN Legacy body. All our REIN lights are optimized for use with our Cloud Defensive-branded Samsung™ flat-top 30Q 18650 batteries or 18350 batteries in the case of the REIN Micro. If you have a Dual-Fuel light head, you can still use your CR123A batteries as a secondary power source. We recommend only using flat-top batteries. Most button-top batteries are not compatible with the REIN Legacy Body.

The smaller diameter of the Surefire™ tail cap will yield a smaller tail-cap profile which will reduce the overall profile of your REIN light. When coupled with the Unity Tactical™ or Surefire™ switches, please be aware the overall length of your system will be a little longer than our own remote switch offering.

As shooters ourselves, we know size matters. Particularly when you start working your lights around other systems on the gun, such as laser systems and backup sights. With a small 1.3” bezel diameter and lower mounting lug height profile, it sits tighter to your gun than ever before. The full-size REIN is now right at home on even the shortest host platforms.

The REIN Legacy Body is fully compatible with any REIN light head from Cloud Defensive. This includes all REIN 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 light heads.

Light heads from other manufacturers do not work on the REIN Legacy body.

The REIN Legacy Body is fully compatible with Surefire™ and other branded tail caps consistent with the Scout™ size, diameter, and thread-pitch. In short, if it works on a Scout™ light tail cap, it’ll now work on the REIN Legacy body.

The REIN Legacy Body is fully compatible with all the standardized Scout™ pattern mounts on the market, as is the standard REIN offering.

The REIN Legacy body was created for the purpose of allowing you to use other remote switches and tail cap assemblies with your REIN 3.0 weapon light. As such, it is widely and fully compatible with all the Surefire™ and Unity Tactical™ remote switching options commonly used with Scout™ – pattern lighting systems.

A non-exhaustive list of some of the switches we are compatible with:

  • Surefire ST-07
  • Surefire SR-07
  • Surefire SR-07-D-IT
  • Unity Tactical Hot Button
  • Unity Tactical™ TAPS
  • Unity Tactical AXON
  • Modlite Modbutton

In short: If it plugs into a Surefire™ tail cap, it works with the Legacy Body and any Cloud Defensive REIN light head you put on.

By combining parts from multiple manufacturers, the nature of the system changes. Remember, these are electrical components that we are trying to play nice with, and that adds complexity.

Typically, electrical failures occur in the tail caps and the remote switches. This has been well established across the weapon light community. Regardless of the failure point, Cloud Defensive stands resolute behind our Lifetime Warranty.

However, in the case of a REIN 3.0 being controlled by other companies’ components, we have to consider a couple of realities:

We can only warranty Cloud Defensive parts. We do not warranty other manufacturers’ components. Failure of any non-Cloud Defensive component must be handled by the respective manufacturer.
Adding a layer of complexity to this is the reality that when a part fails in the field, the light very well may fail completely, but you are not likely to know why. Meaning you would not be able to quickly discern a dead tail cap from a dead light head, each of which was made by a different manufacturer.

If that happens, you need to contact our Customer Service department. They will then walk you through a process to determine what failed. In this scenario, it is not likely to be a Cloud Defensive part. If it is, we will replace it immediately per our warranty. If it’s a part we did not make (i.e. tail cap or remote switch), then you will need to speak with the appropriate company, and you’ll be subject to their warranty support and process.

The REIN Legacy Body does NOT offer a Battery Jack feature. That means there is no adjustability in the system for various battery lengths. The REIN Legacy Body will run best on flat-top 18650 cells or two CR123 batteries. Button-top cells do not perform as well and that is why we do not use them. We’re in the business of giving you the maximum performance possible. So, the Legacy Body has been optimized for the batteries that give you maximum performance.
Historically, our REIN lights are IPX-8 rated to 100ft for 24hrs. With a different Tail Cap and Remote assembly, expect that rating to parallel the respective rating of the Surefire ™ and/or Unity Tactical ™ components.
And yes. Made in the USA.




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