Unity Tactical FAST Flip-to-Center OMNI Magnifier Mount


Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

Product Description

FAST™ is a series of optic mounts and platforms that provide end-users with a quicker sight picture than standard height mounts. A 2.26” optical centerline height provides faster/easier reticle acquisition while wearing electronic earpro/communications headsets, night vision goggles, and gas masks. The 2.26″ height allows for more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by promoting a heads-up posture. A heads-up posture also helps users maintain a neutral spine position which is more comfortable while wearing helmets, plate carriers, and other heavy gear.

FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mount features the first-ever Flip-To-Center (FTC) mechanism (patent-pending), providing stowage completely within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver while not occluding the host optic’s sight picture. This provides the most optic capability with the lowest profile during all modes of operation. The revolutionary FTC function completely solves the problem posed by legacy flip-to-side magnifier mounts (when disengaged, the magnifier hangs off the side of the gun, creating a major snag hazard). FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mounts completely eliminate this danger and utilize a force-to-overcome mechanism for rapid transition.

The FAST™ OMNI Flip-To-Center Magnifier Mount is compatible with a host of popular magnifiers from EOTech, Vortex Optics, Trijicon, and Sig Sauer. See the description below for a complete list.

FAST™ FTC Magnifier Mounts come complete with American Defense Manufacturing®’s patented QD Auto-Lock™ Lever.


  • Dimensions: 2.25″(L) x 2.64″(W) x 3.42″(H)
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.
  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Coating: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Mount Type: QD Lever

Magnifier Compatibility:

  • EOTech G23, G30, G33, G43, G45
  • Vortex Optics VMX-3T, Micro3X, Micro6X
  • Trijicon 3X MAG-C
  • Sig Sauer Juliet3X, Juliet4X, Juliet Micro3X




Technical Information


7075 Aluminum



Mounting Platform



Firearm Compatibility



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California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
W.Brent D.
Mil spec retail is awesome

Love my Unity magnifier mount. Fast shipping , very pleased

Sean W.
Amazing mount!

Great optic mount to run a magnifier on your rig if your running a high rise dot.


List of positives:
1. Shifts weight to center of rifle. Surpriseingly this makes a bigger difference than I thought it would in terms of overall balance of the gun.
2. Does not obscure sight picture. At least not with my g45 magnifier.
3. Deployment is quick and locking mechanism is secure so it doesn't drop down from deployed position under recoil. In addition the adm quick release stays secure and solid on the rifle and is easy to use and stays out of the way of the charging handle because the lever can flip forward to locking position.
4. Lightweight. Haven't weighed it but it does feel like it weighs less than standard eotech mount.
5. Less snag hazards. You don't need to worry about gear getting wrapped up in it, or accidentally bumping your magnifier off doorways and barriers.
6. When on your gun it will fit in a bag regardless of the position the magnifier.
7. Overall fit and finish is very good and construction is solid.
8. Using the FTC with the unity riser has alot of positives thanks to the more heads up shooting position. may others have covered these benefits so I won't go into that. I will however say this, as someone who has damage to their vertebrae the more natural shooting position definitely induces less strain on my neck over the course of full day of shooting.

List of negatives:
1. Can't use standard BUIS. Pretty much have to use a 45deg offset, which might not work if you like to run a light or IR on the right side of the gun. I don't don't use irons anyway so not a big deal for me.
2. The springs on the ADM quick release are more exposed than I would like. Possibly more prone to more corrosion over time.
3. It's a bit bigger than a standard magnifier set up so you may need a slightly bigger pouch if you take it off the gun and stow it on a plate carrier, chest rig, etc.
3. Expensive! I understand that it's made in America and it's new... however, $211 is pretty steep for what it is.

Overall, I don't think I can go back to a non FTC + riser setup. Its really a pretty awesome setup and money well spent in my opinion.
Also milspec retail saved me some money and everything came in on time. I'll be buying from this company again in the future for sure.

Chase W.
The best option I know of.

If you have found this review, I’m not much of a review leaver. But once in awhile I receive exceptional service and an exceptional product. This is one of those instances. The Unity Omni mount is something I wanted for months and months. I finally sprang for the fast mount riser and that ended the use of my Vortex mini 3X which always bothered me, but when I found the Omni mount on Milspec Retail at a very competitive price, I honestly dug into Milspec retail a lot because I had never heard of them and I just got skunked on some ammo that took 4 months to refund. Anyway. I found what looked like legit reviews on the company and pulled the trigger on the Omni mount. It was processed extremely fast and shipping was the same, I was shocked. It arrived packaged perfectly just as previously purchased Unity mount. I mounted my magnifier and everything went together perfectly. It works awesome, it holds zero (as far as centering a magnifier goes) the mount is to my knowledge the best quality I could find. Heck the Anodizing is even extremely close, which is nice coming from what I assume is a different batch considering the time frame between purchases. Trust Milspec they are amazing. I can honestly say I trust my life to Unity Tactical. I will continue to support them as well as American made products. One last note on the mount, I didn’t know how soft or firm the detent devise would be on a hard jump, a drop or just rugged use, but you do not have any issue with the magnifier unexpectedly falling down or flopping up. It stays where you put it till you move it. I absolutely love it. I hope this helps someone who might be on the fence about trying this brand or online shop. They are both trust worthy and this is the review I wanted to find when I was looking. Cheers!

Hector G.
Great product 👌

Easy install, quality excellent, the fast shipping is nice too.