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Elevate your firearm maintenance to a new level with the Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Suppressor Cleaning Kit. Provided in this kit is a 16 oz bottle of Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Suppressor Cleaner engineered to dissolve the toughest carbon deposits and fouling. The kit features a Soaking Tube for complete submersion of suppressor parts for a thorough cleaning process, leaving no residue or buildup behind. Two meticulously designed brushes help reach tough spots of your suppressor, removing stubborn fouling and carbon buildup. The retrieval tool is used to safely and easily put in and extract the suppressor in and out of the soaking tube. The kit provides a storage tray to keep every essential tool in its designated place. Investing in the Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Suppressor Cleaning Kit isn’t just a choice—it’s a commitment to the long-term health and functionality of your suppressor-equipped firearms, empowering you to keep your firearms operating at their absolute best, shot after shot.

ALL-IN-ONE SUPPRESSOR CLEANING KIT: Provides an effortless suppressor cleaning process with a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need for thorough maintenance. Pack includes (1) 16oz. Suppressor Cleaner, (1) Soaking Tube, (2) Specialized Brushes, (1) Retrieval Tool, & (1) Organized Tool Tray.
HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUPPRESSOR CLEANER: Provided in the kit is a 16 oz bottle of Breakthrough Clean Technologies Suppressor Cleaner, known for its exceptional cleaning power.
COMPATIBILITY: Fits suppressors up to 2.375 in diameter and 8.5 in length.
SOAKING TUBE INCLUDED: A Soaking Tube ensures optimal cleaning by allowing the suppressor components to be fully immersed for deep and thorough cleansing.
SPECIALIZED BRUSHES: Two precision-engineered brushes are included to effectively remove carbon buildup and fouling, ensuring your suppressor operates to its fullest potential.
RETRIEVAL TOOL: This kit provides a specialized retrieval tool to extract cleaning patches & components safely & easily from the suppressor.
ORGANIZED CLEANING TRAY: Keep all your cleaning tools in one place with the included organized tray, making maintenance sessions convenient & hassle-free.
DURABLE & RELIABLE: Each component of the kit is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity & consistent performance in maintaining your suppressor.
ENHANCED SUPPRESSOR PERFORMANCE: Regular use of this kit helps ensure your suppressor functions optimally, prolonging its lifespan and preserving its effectiveness in the field.


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