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The Master Bench Block® Pro-Kit, with its cutting-edge design and comprehensive toolset, offers unparalleled functionality for both enthusiasts and professionals in firearms maintenance. This all-inclusive set consists of 18 hardened steel punches, including both standard and roll pin sizes, an ergonomic hammer with interchangeable heads, and a precision-engineered bench block designed for maximum utility and efficiency. The inclusion of Smart-Block Clamps elevates the tool’s capability, providing secure part stabilization for hassle-free pin removal and installation. The bench block itself is crafted from engineering-grade resin, featuring a strategic arrangement of 14 holes and grooves for optimal flexibility in pin alignment. The unique addition of a magnetic compartment ensures that small, easily misplaced items are securely held, making the task of firearm disassembly and reassembly smoother and more efficient. The over-molded footprint of the bench block guarantees a stable and non-slip surface across a variety of firearm types, enhancing the user’s control and precision in gunsmithing tasks. Whether for routine maintenance or intricate repairs, the Master Bench Block® Pro-Kit stands out as an essential tool, offering both durability and precision in one comprehensive package.

Upgrade Your Firearm DIY Experience

  • Comprehensive all-in-one bench block, hammer, and punch set designed for firearm maintenance
  • Includes a complete set of standard and roll pin-sized punches for versatility
  • Features 14 optimally positioned holes and grooves for flexibility and easy pin alignment
  • Equipped with Smart-Block Clamps for secure holding and easy pin punching
  • Large, over-molded footprint enhances stability, compatible with most pistols, long guns, and gun parts
  • Constructed from high-quality engineering-grade resin for durability and non-marring work surface
  • Punches made of hardened steel with nickel plating to resist corrosion, featuring hex-shaped handles and rubber O-rings for precise control
  • Ergonomic hammer with interchangeable heads (rubber, brass, steel, nylon) for versatile applications
  • Embedded magnet in the bench block captures and holds driven pins, preventing loss
  • Removable flip-up pin punch storage for organized tool management
  • Magnetic pin-catching tray included for additional convenience
  • Smart-Block Clamps and Bars offer adjustable securing positions for parts during disassembly or assembly
  • Designed from the ground up to improve gunsmithing efficiency and precision


The Master Bench Block® Pro-Kit, designed with precision engineering and thoughtful ergonomics, represents a significant advancement in firearm maintenance technology. This comprehensive toolkit caters to gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts alike, offering a robust solution for the disassembly and assembly of firearms. At its core, the kit includes an all-in-one bench block, hammer and a versatile set of standard and roll pin-sized punches, thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of firearms, including pistols and long guns.
The foundation of the Master Bench Block Pro-Kit is its large, over-molded bench block. This component provides a secure and stable platform for firearm maintenance tasks. The inclusion of 14 optimally positioned holes and grooves enhances the flexibility and precision with which users can align pins and parts during the maintenance process. Such design considerations ensure that even the most delicate tasks can be performed with confidence and accuracy.

Enhancing the functionality of the kit, Smart-Block Clamps have been ingeniously integrated to secure components firmly during maintenance operations. This feature is pivotal in minimizing movement, thereby facilitating easier and more precise pin punching. These clamps, coupled with the kit’s hex-shaped handles and rubber O-rings, provide unparalleled control over maintenance tasks, ensuring that users can execute their work with precision.

The durability and resistance to corrosion of the kit’s components are noteworthy. Made from hardened steel and finished with nickel plating, the punches are built to last. The ergonomic design of the hammer, along with its interchangeable heads made of rubber, brass, steel, and nylon, exemplifies the kit’s versatility and attention to detail. This thoughtful design ensures that users have the right tool for various maintenance tasks, whether gentle tapping or more forceful application is required.

The Master Bench Block Pro-Kit stands as a testament to innovative design and quality craftsmanship. It offers firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike a comprehensive solution that not only streamlines the maintenance process but also enhances the overall experience with its user-centric features. This toolkit is not just a collection of tools; it is an indispensable companion for anyone serious about firearm maintenance, promising efficiency, precision, and reliability.




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