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The Master Gun Workstation is a groundbreaking and versatile Workstation designed to revolutionize firearm maintenance, repair, customization, and optics mounting. With its adjustable and modular design, it provides a secure and efficient way to clean, repair, customize, and mount optics on long guns. The Quick-Adjust Shuttle allows for precise positioning, while the Gun Gripper™ technology ensures a tight grip on gun barrels and stocks. Featuring built-in storage and Smart-Assist™ Accessory compatibility, this Workstation is perfect for cleaning and maintaining all long guns. Elevate your gun maintenance with the Master Gun Workstation and experience a new level of convenience and precision.

  1. New Gun Gripper technology incorporated into the yoke wraps around different contoured barrels and handguards for easy one-handed securement.
  2. Parts & Tool Storage
  3. Storage well for 40z Chemicals
  4. Brush & Jag Storage
  5. Dual-integrated cleaning rod storage.
  6. Leveling knob for scope mounting.
  7. Non-marring form-fitting foam pads
  8. One-hand, Quick-adjustable clamping.


The Master Gun Workstation is a groundbreaking and versatile Workstation designed to revolutionize how you clean, repair, customize, and mount optics on your long guns. As the first-ever true gun Workstation, it offers a significant upgrade from traditional one-size-fits-all vise systems. With its adjustable and modular design, this Workstation provides an easy and efficient way to firmly secure any long gun for cleaning, mounting scopes, and performing gunsmithing work.
One of the key features of the Master Gun Workstation is its Quick-Adjust Shuttle, which enables height and width adjustment for the precise location of the yoke. With up to 18.3″ of travel, you can achieve optimal stability and positioning for your firearm. The Trigger Clamp is equipped with form-fitting foam pads that quickly engage and disengage, securely holding your firearm in place for maximum protection.

When it comes to optics mounting, the Master Gun Workstation offers a unique Leveling Knob. This one-handed leveling feature allows for easy adjustments with micro-adjustments of up to +/- 3º, ensuring your scope is perfectly aligned.

The Workstation incorporates innovative Gun Gripper™ technology, providing form-fitting retention for a tight grip on gun barrels and stocks. This technology, integrated into the yoke, wraps around different contoured barrels and handguards, allowing for easy one-handed securing. The non-marring form-fitting foam pads prevent any damage to your firearm’s finish.

In addition to its functional design, the Master Gun Workstation includes built-in storage, allowing you to conveniently store frequently used items. The Workstation features workplace organization, ensuring that all your parts, tools, and chemicals are easily accessible and kept in one place. Furthermore, it is Smart-Assist™ compatible, enabling hands-free accessory systems for enhanced work assistance. The Smart-Assist line of accessories includes a work light, a magnifying glass, and a cell phone holder, all mounted on flexible goosenecks.

The Master Gun Workstation is perfect for rifles and shotguns of all sizes and shapes. Its adjustable fit provides a customizable experience, ensuring a secure and stable workpiece. Whether you are a professional gunsmith or a DIY gun owner, this Workstation offers the most advanced and comprehensive solution for all your firearm maintenance needs.

Invest in the Master Gun Workstation, and you’ll discover a new level of convenience, efficiency, and precision in your gun maintenance routine. It’s time to elevate your cleaning, repair, customization, and mounting tasks with this revolutionary firearm Workstation.

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The Master Gun Workstation is a groundbreaking and versatile Workstation designed to revolutionize firearm maintenance, repair, customization and optics mounting.

  • Can be set up for right-hand or left-hand use
  • Firmly secure your firearm
  • Quick-Adjustable Clamp, yoke and shuttle for easy setup and adjustment
  • Gun Gripper™ technology for form-fitting retention and secure cleaning
  • Leveling Knob for precise optics mounting
  • Built-in storage for frequently used items and workplace organization
  • Smart-Assist™ compatible for hands-free accessories
  • Up to 18.3″ travel for adjustable fit for rifles and shotguns
  • Non-marring form-fitting foam pads for protection
  • Oil-resistant metal parts tray and tool storage
  • Dual-integrated cleaning rod storage
  • Revolutionary Workstation for cleaning, repairing, customizing and optics mounting
  • Adaptable and modular support system for comfortable and efficient work on any long gun
  • Integrated dual-rail yoke system with up to 18.3 inches of front yoke travel
  • Rear clamp with one-handed trigger system and form-fitting foam pads for secure buttstock retention
  • Height and leveling adjustment with non-slip feet that can be clamped or bolted down
  • Metal base serves as a oil-resistant parts tray
  • Easy one-handed control and organization of tools, cleaning rods, jags, brushes and chemicals
  • Hexagon holes for holding punches, jags and brushes
  • Magnetized holes for holding small items
  • Must-have Workstation for gun owners and DIY gun maintenance




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