Arisaka Defense Stock Angle Adapter for Magpul SL/SL-S


Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

Product Description

The Patent Pending Arisaka Stock Angle Adapter upgrades the Magpul SL and SL-S stocks for precision use. The adapter is meant to aid alignment and recoil management on semi-auto gas guns like the LMT MWS and KAC SR25. Additionally, the height and cant adjustments allow a shooter to better fit the rifle to their physiology. The end result makes the SL and SL-S stocks similar to a precision bolt gun stock. In addition to the OEM SL pad, you can also use our favorite, the luxurious SL Limbsaver recoil pad.


  • Changes the recoil pad angle so it is perpendicular to the bore axis
  • Adds height and cant adjustments to the recoil pad
  • Additional length of pull (measured at the middle of the pad): 0.70″
  • Material: CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Finish: MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized
  • Weight: 3.5oz
  • Made in the USA

Mike Olivella from Praecore Performance was the catalyst for the Stock Angle Adapter:

  • The Stock Angle Adapter is the first installment in a series of precision rifle-focused, ergonomic upgrades. The geometry of the most popular carbine stocks supports a variety of shooting techniques and works well within those requirements. However, if we take a look at any modern, precision-focused bolt gun chassis, you will note that all of them feature a 90-degree angle for the recoil pad. This isn’t by accident. This geometry promotes greater contact surface area for one of the critical alignment components of a shooter’s position behind the rifle.
  • Arisaka took my requirements and went a step further by incorporating a simple and lightweight solution to the critical fitting components of recoil pad height and cant. Different optic mount and shooter requirements have shown in testing that there is almost no wrong configuration, but I do have my favorites. The finishing touch that can’t be overlooked is how Arisaka made this accessory not only work with a few common carbine stocks but also allowed it to accept a popular aftermarket recoil pad. For gas gun precision rifle shooters, this upgrade offers your rifle a lightweight, custom-fit solution for your recoil pad with an extra bump up in the surface area for your rear support.




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