Forward Controls Design EMR-HC-S Enhanced Mag Release Button – Blind Hole, Serrated

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Product Description

FCD’s EMR-HC is a mag release with a taller profile than the factory mag release and it increases the usable surface. The surface area is increased area by using a gentle curve on its top surface. The EMR-HC-S has serrations that inhibit vertical movement, and auto center the user’s finger on the button. It is taller profile makes it easier to press and is only 0.04 taller than the factory magazine release button. When installed, the EMR-C has a 0.08 protrusion above the mag release button fence on most forged receivers.

  • 0.04″ taller than the factory magazine release button.
  • Very effective horizontal serrations.
  • Made from 4140 steel.
  • QPQ coated.

Notes from Manufacturer:

Due to the EMR-C’s installed height which protrudes 0.08″ over the mag release fence when installed (only 0.06″ or 0.07″ of the magazine release button travel is needed to drop a magazine), EMR-C is recommended for 7.62mm ARs only, though it does work on 5.56mm ARs and M16s. For defense and duty ARs and M16s, please use our EMR that has only a 0.01″ protrusion over most forged receiver magazine release fence.

For .308 ARs, the EMR-C’s taller profile will allow you to use AR15/M16 spec mag catch and ambidextrous mag catch/release. An EMR-C installed on a .308 AR will not protrude over the mag release fence.




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