Forward Controls Design SCP Carrier Cam Pin – Dimpled Witness Mark, Nitride

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Product Description

SCP features a machined dimple on one side of the carrier cam pin, so the user can always reinstall the cam pin on the carrier in the same orientation. The idea of SCP, or consistently reinstalling the cam pin in the same orientation, isn’t so much about saving the cam pin as it is reducing the resulting wear and stress introduced to the bolt.

The Cam pin usually wears more heavily on one side, putting the cam pin in one direction, then another randomly creates uneven wear on the cam pin, and it becomes sloppy and loose in the bolt. When the cam pin is installed always facing the same direction, it leaves one side less worn and more intact, this has the effect of better maintaining a tight fit of the cam pin in the bolt, and reduces wear cam pin itself as well as on the cam pin bore on the bolt.

  • Dimple ensures consistent installation
  • Durable nitride finish
  • Reduces wear on cam pin and bolt




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FCD Cam Pin - +A

Looks good. Can’t go wrong with FCD.

Hopefully it last longer then my last one that came with my BCG.

Routine maintenance is also important. Lessons learned.