KynSHOT AR-10 Shorty Buffer – RB5004

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Product Description

The KynSHOT RB5004 “Shorty” Recoil Buffer is designed for AR-10 carbines with a collapsible stock and an AR-15 length (7.0″) buffer tube which is common on many AR-10 applications. The RB5004 reduces felt recoil 20-30%, while largely eliminating muzzle flip. The improvement in weapon accuracy – specifically second and third shot accuracy – is even more noticeable as shooters report that their time to reacquire a target decreases, and in many cases never leaves their scope sights. This buffer has patented damping technology to absorb the shock of impact from the bolt carrier’s rearward motion and to prevent bolt bounce as a new cartridge is chambered. (ECCN Controlled)


  • Drop-In Replacement
  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce bolt carrier speed
  • Reduce wear on parts
  • Reduce shock and vibration to optics
  • Suppress bolt bounce
  • Decrease sight movement
  • Smoother operation
  • Faster shot recovery time
  • Military-grade materials and manufacturing


  • Weight: 3.8 Ounces.
  • Length when Compressed: 2.5″ and replaces buffers that are 2.5” long.
  • Mil-Spec Hydraulic Fluids and Seals – Ambient operating temp certified for -30F – +150F
  • DO NOT USE IN 9mm AR-15s. For 9mm AR15s use KynSHOT P/N RB5007, RB5015HD or RB5020SS. See Selection Matrix for proper buffer choice.
  • Designed for 7.62mm/.308 cal. AR style rifles with an M4 length buffer tube (which is 7” deep, and ¾” shorter than an Armalite AR-10 collapsible stock tube). This is a common factory stock arrangement on many factory
  • .308 rifles such as DPMS, CMMG and many others. The best reference is that it replaces factory buffers that are 2.5″ in length.
  • Also works well with other calibers based on the .308 case such as the .338 Federal, .260 Remington and .243 Winchester if they have the M4 buffer tube. If you buy an aftermarket AR-15/M4 collapsible stock tube for your
  • .308 AR, this is the buffer you will need. The Magpul UBR stock also uses an AR-15 carbine length stock tube and would also require this buffer if used on a .308 rifle.




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