Aero Precision Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube for AR-15/AR-10

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Buffer tubes serve a vital function in the AR15 recoil management system, but why can’t they be more? Aero took a whole new approach when designing their Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube by including features like carrier support extensions, position guide drain holes, and ramping the design of the tube. These features add reliability, security, and simplicity that traditional mil-spec buffer tube options historically overlook.


  • Carrier Support Extensions – Fully supports and guides the bolt carrier group into the buffer tube after a round is fired, preventing carrier tilt and unnecessary wear on key components. The Carrier Support Extensions also extend on either side of the buffer retaining pin, securing the pin in place while simultaneously preventing the buffer tube from backing out under recoil.
  • Position Guide Drain Holes – Each position guide features a drainage hole that removes water from the system in marine environments. During routine operation, smoother cycling is achieved by allowing additional air to escape during the compression cycle of the rifle.
  • Ramped Tube Design – This allows for effortless installation of traditional carbine stocks. Aero has removed the need for messing around with screwdrivers to get your furniture over the end of the buffer tube. Simply hold down the adjustment piece and push your stock onto the Enhanced Buffer Tube.
  • Proper Thread Depth – Traditional buffer tubes feature extended unused threads that can cause your stock to become trapped when fully collapsed. While some turn these threads down, Aero correctly machined the threads to the proper depth, providing a much cleaner look.
  • Mil-spec Dimensions – Machined from a 7075-T6 Aluminum Impact Extrusion to mil-spec dimensions. All standard carbine stock options made to work with mil-spec buffer tube dimensions are compatible with Aero’s Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube.




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Material 7075 Aluminum
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Neat enhancement to fit in the lower

I got this because enhanced lowers seem to be pretty sweet at sitting just right above the retainer and this one by AP fits snuggly right above it. Takes a little extra effort to keep it down and turn the tube in but the result is very nice.