Angry Bear Arms RMR Cut Blank Tall Profile Sight Kit for Glock

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Product Description

  • Fits all standard size Glocks.

* Does not fit Glock MOS, G42, or G43 *

Kit includes:

  • 2 Different Height Blank Front Sights
    • .285″ Tall
    • .305″ Tall
  • 1 Blank Rear Sight
    • .310″ Tall with .125″ wide notch featuring shortened front ledge that will fit slides cut for an optic
  • Hex Driver
  • Aluminum Sight Pusher
  • Stainless Steel Front Sight Screws
  • 6-40 x 1/4″ Rear Sight Set Screws
  • 1/16″ Allen Wrench

Not all firearms are created equal and not all people share the same shooting style. This is why we at Angry Bear Arms came up with the idea of the adjustable fixed sight set.
The sight set consists of two or three different height front sights to adjust elevation of the firearms point of impact. One fixed rear sight that can be drifted left or right in the firearms slide to adjust the left and right point of impact.
What sets Angry Bear Arms apart from everyone else is that we offer the 2 or 3 different height front sights to adjust the up and down point of impact where everyone else offers only 1 front sight in their set. Other sight sets limit you to just one option for your firearms point of impact. If your firearm does not hit where you want it to you are forced to buy another front sight to get your firearm on target.
This sight set includes everything you need to get started. 2 different height front sights, 1 rear sight, 1 front sight hex driver, 1 allen wrench, and a rear sight pusher. No gunsmith required!




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