Forward Controls Design Glock MOS Mounting Plate for RMR/SRO

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Product Description

OPF-G, RMR (Optics Platform, Glock, for RMR) is a Glock MOS Adapter Set 01 and Set 02 compatible plate for mounting Trijicon RMR or SRO on Glock Gen 4 and Gen 5 slides, G17, G19, G34, G35, G41 (width 25mm/1 inch.) and G40 that uses Set 02. Glock’s OEM MOS plate’s width matches that of the slide, but OPF-G, RMR is already wider to fully support the RMR, thus it is compatible with all MOS-equipped Glock slides.

OPF-G, RMR is designed to sandwich the sight in its front and rear fence, FCD makes the spacing as close to Trijicon’s dimensions and tolerance as they can. Though FCD holds a 0.003 tolerance, Trijicon’s tolerance is 0.005. In practical terms, this means while some RMRs will move inside the fences by a very small amount, others will need to be forced into the space.


  • Sight is to be fully supported in the front and rear by recoil lugs/fences, with minimum movement.
  • Eliminate the need to use an additional sealer plate.
  • Correct length sight to plate, and plate to slide screws. Screws are to be Torx.
  • The adapter plate is to be machined in steel.

Standards, commonality, availability of parts are all good things. Heretofore, users have had to send in their slides to be milled to accept mini red dot sights or opt for 3rd party optics ready slides. The time it takes to send in the slides to be milled, and varying quality of the milling work and optics ready slides notwithstanding, there was a lack a standard regarding the sight height, it’d be a coincidence if two slides milled by two different shops share the same sight height. Glock’s MOS may not sit as low as some, but in our opinion, what MOS offers more than makes up for it, namely a uniform sight height, ease of installation, parts commonality, and availability.

OPF-G, RMR is a collaboration with a USMC combat veteran and former USMC Shooting Team head coach, Tom Shields. FCD used Glock’s MOS adapter plates as a basis and designed their version of what they think it should and can be.

OPF-RMR is shipped with plate to slide screws (M3-0.5mm x 6mm, same as what Glock MOS plates use), and sight to plate screws (6/32 x 3/8), a T10 key, and a VC3 packet.


  • Plate to slide screws (M3-0.5mm x 6mm, same as what Glock MOS plates use).
  • Sight to plate screws (6/32 x 3/8).
  • T10 key.
  • VC3 packet.

OPF-G,RMR supports the full width of the RMR and SRO, a sealer plate is not necessary. Trijicon’s position is that if the user is unsure, use the sealer plate, and the plate is so thin, if it is used it doesn’t make any difference to the thread engagement.


Trijicon RMR and SRO share the same mounting footprint, OPF-G, RMR is also compatible with SRO. However, due to the precise fit of the front and rear recoil lugs/fences that are designed to closely sandwich the sight, OPF-G, RMR is not guaranteed to work with all Holosun sights.




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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy C.
FCD opf-g

Best optic mounting plate for the Glock mos platform. Milspec always has what I need at great prices and outstanding customer service!

18 e.
Excellent product

Fast shipping great service, install on my
G34 gen 5 with a SRO and a J W protector
Following all the instructions and the finish product is “bomb proof” . This was a great choice. Would recommend.

Johann L.
Legit Mounting Plate for your Glock RMR

The Glock RMR mounting plate leaves gaps on either side of the optic, and this mounting plate fills those gaps... and keeps you from needing the Trijicon sealing plate. I highly recommend this product and will definitely purchase again should the need arise.

David P.

After hearing some complaints about another popular optic mount company, I found out about these. Some far so good. Seems like a solid quality product. Much better than the Glock factory option. And Milspec Retail came through with fast shipping.

Russell U.

Forward Controls Design Glock MOS Mounting Plate for RMR/SRO