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Product Description

Bottom line: these are upgraded gel ear pads that are the first with relief cuts for glasses to pass through without breaking the noise seal and causing headaches from increased clamping pressure.
Our latest design features a rim to slide under the clips on headsets like Impact® Sport and a non-permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive for a much more secure fit and peel + stick compatibility with snap-in plastic adapter plates (available separately) to fit headsets from dozens of manufacturers.
Best results with straight-style glasses arms, and our super-soft and flexible silicone gel produces an amazing seal with other types of glasses arms.
Our unique horseshoe-ring shaped, grooved front face and 1/4″ inch of silicone gel provide significantly better softness and sealing vs. competitors’ pads. Please check out the reviews page to read more about our pads’ pillow-like comfort level.
When headset is lowered as much as possible, glasses arms can be dropped into relief cuts and will sit in a protected channel just above the ear. Using the relief cuts is completely optional. Our gel pads work like normal pads when glasses are not in use.
Use of super-premium acoustic memory foam and allowing for a closed head seal leads to impressively better sound deadening.
Designed by a Marine Corps combat veteran, made in the USA, and designed for use in any climate. Polyurethane outer skin is UV-resistant, waterproof, and much longer-lasting than vinyl used on cheap pads. These gel pads are tough. Plus, we warranty our pads for an entire year, regardless of what continent or climate you operated in.


Sightlines™ was launched on Kickstarter in November of 2017 and successfully brought to market through the generous pledges of hundreds of people from around the world. We want to thank them again for their support.


Headsets that use traditional ear pads rely on the softness of the pad to conform to the shape of the eyewear stems. However, whenever eyewear is inserted, even the softest pads unevenly distribute pressure around the ear, cause hot spots which then lead to headaches, and allow unwanted noise through the broken head seal.

The owner of Noisefighters is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran (OIF + OEF) who recognized these issues while at the shooting range. He identified that the problems caused by headsets and glasses interference were more than an annoyance: they were a significant hindrance to one’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Instead of simply putting up with the problems listed above, he decided to solve them.


By adding a recessed channel, or relief cut, at the top of the pad for eyewear to slide along, the head seal can remain intact instead of being forced open when eyewear is inserted. Sightlines is an extremely simple and inexpensive solution. Our headset pads replace your existing ones and install in seconds.

Eyewear no longer causes hot spots around the ears. In addition, the unique horseshoe ring design and use of silicone gel and memory foam softens the pad so much that compression is significantly reduced, pressure is better equalized across a larger surface area, and eyewear won’t sit crookedly. It’s like wearing pillows on your head. Our pads are also quite roomy, so ears won’t feel cramped. You can wear them all day with or without eyewear, with no change in comfort. You won’t ever want to wear normal ear pads again.

The only change you’ll need to make when wearing a headset with Sightlines is to first lower your headset as much as is comfortable, slide your eyewear above the pads, and then pull the arms down into the relief cuts. The arms will rest less than one pinky finger’s thickness above the location where glasses normally rest, and it will feel completely natural for eyewear to sit at this location after just a few moments. These pads are fully compatible with prescription eyewear, including multifocal lenses.

Government testing has shown a 1-10dB decrease in sound deadening when eyewear breaks the head seal on traditional ear cushions. This is a serious safety issue as a 3 dB increase represents a doubling of sound intensity. We believe Sightlines solves this completely by keeping the head seal closed when eyewear is inserted correctly.

A broken head seal permits significantly more noise into the headset, and this isn’t just a hearing protection issue: it is extremely detrimental to proper monitoring of audio levels and radio traffic, which is important to pilots / soldiers and Marines / SWAT officers / etc. Again, we believe Sightlines solves this completely by keeping the head seal closed when eyewear is inserted correctly into the relief channels.


Sightlines pads are manufactured with only premium components. They are designed to survive in nearly every environment on earth. As military veterans, we understand that gear dependability is crucial.

Internally, both silicone gel and sound-deadening memory foam provide the ultimate in softness. The silicone gel’s flexibility is amazingly similar from -100F to +300F (-70C to 150C). The sound-deadening memory foam meets FAR 25.853 for U.S. aviation use.

Externally, an ultra-thin sheet of rugged polyurethane provides a supple outer skin. The polymer skin is resistant to UV rays, has antifungal properties, and does not absorb moisture and quickly degrade like cheaper materials.

Our product should last for several years of normal use instead of degrading quickly like faux leather or vinyl pads. Be sure to regularly clean the outer surface with soapy water as necessary, but do not submerge, as the pads have a pinhole-sized air vent on the bottom to allow proper functioning.


Sightlines are made in the U.S.A. by a factory supplier with over 40 years of experience making ear pads. Noisefighters is a service-disabled U.S. veteran owned company and registered as NATO CAGE 85H74.

WARRANTY: Sightlines ear pads are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from date of purchase. Any defects will be remedied without charge within a reasonable time after notification. The warranty does not cover intentional product abuse.


DOMESTIC (U.S.) RETURNS: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you need to return products for a refund, refunds are typically issued within 1-2 business days after parts are returned to us. Please contact us before returning any items.

INTERNATIONAL SALES & RETURNS: We fill out customs forms accurately and do not make exceptions. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you will be responsible for return shipping. Please ensure headset compatibility before ordering. If you need to return products for a refund, refunds are typically issued within 30 days after parts are returned to us. Please contact us before returning any items.




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Customer Reviews

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Better than OEM, but pricier

Originally replaced OEM for Gel ear cups which were not bad, but the Sightlines are a step better than the regular gel. They are a bit thicker and have the relief groove for the glasses that make them slightly more comfortable as well as added noise reduction. We have found that they are not all day but about 2 hours of use before they start to get bothersome especially when paired with ear plugs for indoor use. We have only been using them a few times on new ear muff so perhaps some break in period is required for more continuous use. We like that they are American Made, where OEM and other gels are made in China, but the price reflects that.

As advertised

Big improvement in noise reduction on my Howard Leights. Better seal and much more comfortable. However, still think my Walkers or Peltors are quieter even when compared to the Leights with the Noisefighters. Overall, happy with purchase. Will likely grab another set in the future if they will fit my Sordins.

Isaac S.
Good upgrade over stock foam pads for AMPs

Bought these to replace a heavily worn set of Noisefighter gel pads on Ops Core AMPs. Easy install, huge improvement in comfort over the worn out gel pads and fit great with eye pro. Don't worry about 'trimming the excess edge' when installing on AMPs - it fits fine and is hardly noticeable. Highly recommend over stock foam pads for the Ops Core AMP!

Great product that could be better!

Great feel, works fantastic, creates a better seal, all around a great product, first upgrade I’d recommend for sure. Though for the price of the Comtac Vs, should have been included with gels from the get go.

Where to improve? The mounting system. I understand why they went with adhesive application as opposed to integrating the mounting plate to the gels. Obviously this makes them more universal, and most likely cheaper/easier to produce. However, I would much prefer not relying on adhesive, no matter how strong. I’d pay extra for a integrated version all day.

Michael A.
Game Changer

These are such a huge improvement from the stock pads on the Howard Leight, they seal way better and are super comfy