Spiritus Systems OTB LV-119 Rear Overt Plate Bag


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Product Description

The LV/119 System:

The LV/119 SYSTEM is a family of products that work together to give end-users the ability to scale their equipment to their current needs. The fact that this is a cohesive system means that end-users are able to mix and match accessories in most cases. For example: One could take a COVERT Front or Rear Plate bag and use it with an OVERT Front and Rear Plate Bag. Users may cross pollinate cummerbunds, shoulder covers, and other pieces of the system. The SYSTEM encompasses many parts, some of which are currently available and some that are in development. These include Back Panels of various types, MOLLE cummerbunds, First Spear Tubes™ integrations, and different placards.

Over The Beach Operations:

Over The Beach Operations are some of the most challenging and miserable operations that service members must endure. Spiritus Systems is proud to bring a suite of products that directly results in improved load carriage and soldier survival during sea borne operations. The OTB product line is built with a mesh material, which allows for quick drainage of water and sea borne debris such a sand. OTB products will dry faster after exiting the water and will drain water faster and more efficiently as well. The mesh also makes the products simple to clean using fresh water after conducting operations in salt environments.

The Over The Beach (OTB) OVERT shares the same profile as the COVERT and OVERT plate bags but with modifications that make it more suitable for seaborne operations. Most noticeable the bags are made primarily of a hydrophobic mesh material. The LV/119 OVERT OTB Rear Plate bag was built for those who need a scalable vest to wear in a multitude of environments including seaborne operations. The OVERT OTB shares the same profile as the OVERT and COVERT plate bags, while possessing additional features that make it more suitable for operations in the water. The rear plate bag features full integration of Spiritus’s Recovery Handle™. The rear bag also features more MOLLE webbing than the standard OVERT, which aids in the integration of Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s). The rear bag also features zippers that will integrate into Spiritus’s back panels in the future.

Recovery Handle™ Integration:

Full integration of the Recovery Handle™.

NOTE: The Recovery Handle™ is NOT included with this product.

Back Panel Support:

The rear bag also features minimal MOLLE webbing and Zippers for integrations with Spiritus Systems Zip-on panels. Note: The back panel integration is proprietary and will not support other brands of back panels.

Communications Cable Routing:

The Modern Warfighter and Law Enforcement Officer has a radio. To date, the majority of manufacturers have not taken end-user communications needs in to their design considerations – Spiritus Systems endeavors to break that paradigm. The OVERT offers open shoulders to facilitate commo cable routing inside the plate bags and over the shoulders. Cables may also be routed through the cummerbund access.

Cummerbund Attachment:

The cummerbund attachment is a proprietary system that allows for the use of all of Spirius Systems cummerbunds, as well as allowing for a wide range of adjustment. The cummerbund attaches inside the plate bag, which is advantageous for a few reasons.

1. There is no external mounting that can get snagged or rip off when exiting vehicles in haste.

2. The design creates a smooth profile when worn underneath clothing.

3. Hook & loop is not utilized as an attachment method on the rear plate bag. Hook & loop wears out over time and is a generally less-than-optimal attachment method when not supported in other ways. Hook & loop doesn’t handle weight well and it sticks to everything, especially cloth seats.

4. Every front plate bag comes standard with sewn loops on the sides for attaching First Spear TUBES™ for use with our tubes cummerbund.

Plate Fitment:

The carrier was designed to fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates, but it will fit other cuts as well as long as they fit within the specifications listed below. The bags were built to accommodate “thicker” plates, but they will not fit plates do not fall within the measurements listed.

Plate Compatibility:

  • Medium -10″ x 12.5″
  • Large – 10.25″ x 13.25″
  • Extra Large- 11″ x 14.00″
  • Thickness – MAXIMUM of 1.20″


The LV119 Rear Plate Bag is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Cummerbund, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use. Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.




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