Criterion 10.5″ SBR Core Series Chrome Lined 223 Wylde Barrel – Carbine Gas

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Product Description

Criterion’s CORE Series barrels are designed with tactical shooters in mind. These barrels are built to address issues with weight distribution, balance, and handling of traditional profiles while increasing performance through consistent harmonics and uniform heat dissipation.

The CORE Series features a modern, continuous taper profile that eliminates steps and harsh variations in diameter. The steel is redistributed where it is needed most: surrounding the chamber. Added weight over the chamber absorbs heat evenly during hard use and moves the balance of the rifle closer to the body for increased control. This is optimal for maintaining balance when used with modern accessories like Low Power Variable Optics (LPVO’s), weapon-mounted lights, suppressors, clip-on night vision devices, and IR lasers; these components boost the capabilities of the rifle but can hinder the shooter’s performance by increasing front-end weight. The front end of the CORE Series remains light and fast for better handling, balance, and speed.

The CORE Series helps you handle real-world applications by maintaining exceptional performance and rugged reliability during hard use. These barrels work for you wherever mobility is a priority and performance is essential.


  • Chrome-lined for superior barrel life and corrosion resistance. Criterion’s chrome-lining process is the most refined in the industry and will not degrade accuracy.
  • .223 Wylde chamber that is designed to safely and reliably fire both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition while increasing accuracy due to more consistent chamber pressures.
  • Honed and hand-lapped rifling produces perfect bore uniformity and a pristine internal finish – aids in barrel cleaning and is paramount for accuracy.
  • Finely polished chambers for reliable extraction and feeding.
  • Carbine gas system compatible with AR15 carbine length gas tubes.
  • Gas port tuned for proper function with and without suppressor.
  • 0.625” Gas Block journal, dimpled for ease of installation and solid lock-up.
  • 1/2×28 TPI muzzle threads compatible with a wide range of muzzle devices and suppressors.
  • Precision-machined barrel extension with M4 feed ramps.


  • Dimensions: 18 x 3 x 3in.
  • Length: 10.5″″
  • Contour/Profile: CORE Series
  • Gas Length: Carbine
  • Gas Block Diameter: 0.625″
  • Chamber: 223 Wylde
  • Twist: 1-8
  • Groves: 6 Groove
  • Material: 4150 CrMoV
  • Finish: Chrome-lined, Phosphate
  • Actual Weight: 1.2 lbs




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.223 Wylde

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4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium



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