Forward Controls Design ABC/R v3 Augmented Bolt Catch – Dimpled

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Product Description

ABC/R (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release) with its angled and larger top paddle and lower paddle with increased surface area, is purpose-designed for use with AR15/M16 receivers equipped with ambidextrous magazine releases. Specifically, it is designed to address the difficulty with accessing the factory bolt catch’s lower paddle with an ambidextrous magazine catch, such as Norgon’s Ambi-Catch, on the receiver. Many of the ambidextrous mag release’s lower paddle is on the same vertical plane as the factory bolt catch lower paddle, making identification difficult by feel, especially with a gloved hand.

Standard (non-biased): The upper paddle remains in the same position as v1 and v2 ABC/R, its upper paddle isn’t biased towards the front or rear.

FB (forward-biased): For right-hand users who wrap their left hand around the magazine well and use their left thumb to press the bolt catch’s upper paddle. The FB version has the upper-paddle shifted to the muzzle end to facilitate this reloading method.

RB (rearward biased):  For left hand users that use their extended left index finger to access the bolt catch paddles. The RB version has the upper-paddle shifted to the buttstock end to make the upper paddle more accessible.

The ABC/R’s chief effort is focused on that single issue. The lower paddle protrudes further and is angled at 10 degrees to give it even more surface area. These measures put the lower paddle and Ambi-Catch’s paddle on different vertical planes. That done, FCD worked on the top paddle. ABC/R’s top paddle is made larger and given a 5-degree angle at the lower 50%, and a 10-degree angle at the upper 50% cant. The angled paddle makes it easier for the palm or thumb to access.

The notch immediately above the ABC/R’s lower paddle isn’t there by accident. As you run your finger down the bolt catch towards the lower paddle, the notch is meant to provide tactile feedback to indicate the beginning of the lower paddle. It is important to be able to differentiate one control surface from another, all without diverting one’s gaze to it.


  • Machined from billet 8620 alloy steel.
  • Heat-treated with black DLC finish.
  • Proudly designed and made in the USA.




Technical Information

Color / Pattern
Finish DLC
Material 8620 Steel

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Customer Reviews

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Alexander L.
Awesome customer service

These guys are awesome. I’ve bought multiple items from T2s to small parts and they consistently ship within a day or two. Trustworthy retailer, couldn’t recommend more.

Very Impressed

Shipping was fast. Overall, very happy with my purchase. Only downside was that it was not black nitride as advertised, so it doesn't match the Ambi mag release. All images I had seen showed black nitride so I was a bit suspicious. Reached out to FCD and they had to bead blast and black oxide finish the last batch due to nitride finish issues. They almost look grey, but a little oil turned it black. The quality is exactly what you would expect and I highly recommend it, especially for a lefty. It mates flawlessly with the EMR-A. The angle and slight extension of the bolt catch portion make it very easy to activate without risk of accidental mag drops. The larger surface area and slight angle of the bolt release portion make it very fast to activate. I like the look and texture a lot. I highly recommend getting both the ABC/R and EMR-A. Expensive but worth it if you get both. May not be worth the premium if I wasn't a lefty, but that is up to you and your wallet. I have several other brands, like Troy, SI, Norgon (same as cmmg, SLR, AU....). All work well, but none are perfect. The function of FCD's is perfect. Could only be better if they matched (and for the money, they really should)! Roger, from FCD did say that they are going to DLC finish on all future lots. First pic is out of box, second is with a light coat of oil.

Works well, finish looks like crap

Works well, no issues there. The finish as stated above looks like cold cat shit. But hey who wants something to look nice when you pay $55 a pop. Between this and the Geissele maritime bolt catch, Geissele beats on texture, surface area and price. Two maritimes for the price of one of these.