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10 Must-Have Handgun Accessories

The decision to carry a handgun can require a lot of consideration on your part and in the case of an emergency, it is important to have a robust set of options ready should there be a time where you find yourself in a position where you must use necessary self-defense. Apart from choosing a pistol that is best suited to your needs, you should also be familiar with how to store the gun safely in your home as well as how to carry it securely when you head out. It is important that you keep a few accessories on hand so that you can make the best use of your firearm should the need ever arise for you to use it. Below is a list of 10 must-have handgun accessories that you should consider buying.


There are two main types of ammo for handguns: solid full metal jacket and jacketed hollow-point bullets. While the former is usually used mainly for target practice and competitions, the latter is more suited for people who are interested in hunting or self-defense. No matter what the capacity of your handgun is or what your needs are, it is important that you always have some extra ammunition with you.

Spare Magazine

A concealed carry pistol generally has a capacity of 9 bullets, while some larger handgun models can hold up to 15 to 18 rounds. In the event of a home invasion or burglary, it might not always be possible to reload your magazine when you need more ammo. Having spare magazines alongside your handgun can allow you to have quick access to more ammunition if such a situation arises. 


Most handgun models come with generic grips that are made to suit every type of user. That being said you can always replace the grip with one that is better suited to your individual preferences to make sure that your firearm feels the most comfortable in your hands. In fact, custom grips can change the dynamic of the pistol instantly and make it more versatile to use in many different situations. By changing the grips on your firearm you can not only make shooting easier but also improve your accuracy when it comes to hitting targets.

Tactical Lights

A tactical light can easily extend the usability and resourcefulness of your handgun. It not only allows you to see in the dark and aim at the target with both of your hands, but a weapon-mounted light can also blind the intruder and stun them. You can easily affix a tactical light to the rail mount on your handgun. Most tactical lights come with a simple on and off switch which can be accessed with the slightest press of your finger.


Although lasers are usually considered an optional accessory they can also effectively help improve your accuracy in hitting a target. Lasers are great for first-time gun users and can be used to learn the basics of firing and practicing at shooting ranges. There are a few tactical lights that also come with built-in lasers as well.


A good set of sights can easily allow you to get a clearer view of your target and shoot with better accuracy. If you decide to purchase night sights it is recommended that you purchase ones with tritium inserts, as they deliver top performance in any environment in comparison to most of the OEM sights available. Although sights are more popular for use with rifles and are mainly used for hunting purposes, having quality sights on your handgun can give more use to your firearm in a variety of scenarios.

Gun Holster

If you’re planning to carry a gun on your person, it is important to have a holster in order to carry your firearm safely. When buying a holster, you should also consider where on your body you intend to carry the gun (whether it’s open carry or concealed carry) and decide on the type and material of the holster accordingly. Moreover, you should also make sure that it allows you to draw your gun out quickly in case of an emergency.

Cleaning Kit

You should always have a good quality cleaning kit on hand made specifically for the caliber of your handgun. Note that you do not need much to clean a pistol, so stay away from buying any cleaning kits that have a large number of attachments that you will likely never use. When in doubt, stick to a cleaning kit that is both easy to use and comes at a reasonable price.

Gun Cases

It is important that you also buy a first-rate gun case in order to safely carry your firearm, especially if it is a larger model. By doing so you can keep spare magazines, a cleaning kit, and any adjustment tools together with you in the gun case. You can also buy a shooting range bag that has the ability to hold multiple guns and has pockets that allow you to carry a good supply of ammunition.


Although a knife is technically not a handgun accessory, having one in your gun bag is certain to come in handy when you are out hunting in the woods. By purchasing a small tactical knife and carrying it along with your gun you can be prepared for a variety of situations that can arise outside of ones that demand the use of lethal weapons.