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The Best Accessories Upgrades to Boost an AR-15’s Accuracy Pt. 1

After having owned an AR-15 for some time as your favorite range-shooting gun, you may begin wondering about the option available with regard to increasing the gun’s accuracy. Maybe it is the long-distance targets you want to be able to hit more easily, or you want an excuse not to ditch America’s favorite rifle for something more expensive. Regardless what makes you want better firing accuracy, there are many upgrades which you can use to bring it up substantially. Following are some high quality firearm accessories for improving an AR-15’s accuracy.


This is the single most vital addition you can make to your AR15 rifle, whose accuracy only holds level for up to 200 yards, particularly if your vision is not perfect. A good-quality optic will cost you quite a bit, so you may want to keep from jumping at every $50 item you see at a gun show. That said, any enhancement you can afford will be better than iron sights, and useful if you are having trouble sighting targets.


Most AR-15s making it out of production come with a mil spec standard trigger, which require around 5 pounds of pressure to press and fire. However, while reliable for the most part, it can bring certain inconsistencies in shooting experience. Upgrading to a superior trigger can make the shooter’s control over the gun more precise, requiring as little as 4 pounds when it comes to pull of weight. You can choose either the single-stage or two-stage trigger to upgrade to.


AR-15 ammo comes in different types and grades, and each bears differently on firing accuracy. Cheap steel, for instance, is good for short distance shooting at a range, but not as well suited to consistent close fire or long-distance accuracy. Brass match-grade ammunitions are more reliable when it comes to larger groups, and also fare you well over distance upwards of 300 yards. Precision is what you need here, and while you would pay more for it, the benefits are usually worth it.

Free Float Handguard

On a typical gas system, you have a handguard covering about 7 out of the 16 inches on an AR-15’s barrel. This narrows your options for stability-enhancing AR15 accessories, as well as upsetting harmonics thanks to the various points where the barrel takes pressure. Free float handguards bring no such problems. They reduce the aforesaid pressure points. This upgrade calls for extra modifications, so make sure you are all for it, before getting started.

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