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The Best AR-10 Rifles on the Market

The AR-10 rifle can be considered to be the elder brother of the AR-15, which shoots more powerful rounds. Some AR-10 and AR-15 parts are also interchangeable depending upon the make and brand of the respective firearms. Typically, an AR-10 is opted by those who need a heavier shot with a longer range, which is what is typically required for big game hunting. For skilled users looking to utilize the extra power of a .308 round, we have compiled a list of some of the best AR-10 rifles available on the market today below.

Noveske N6 Gen3

Noveske is most known for producing military and competition-grade rifle barrels but recently under a new president have launched a generation of N6 (AR10) integrally suppressed rifles.  The N6 Gen3 features a 16” stainless steel barrel with extended feed ramps that delivers superior accuracy and long-lasting performance. The upper receiver has an NSR free-floating M-LOK handguard that has a cutout for ease of access to the adjustable gas block as well. If you need a suppressor-ready .308 rifle for competition, hunting, or duty that works flawlessly under any conditions then look no further then the Noveske N6 Gen3. 



LWRC is a renowned name in the industry for manufacturing some of the best quality rifles that come with advanced features. The LWRC REPR MKII has a fluted 20-inch barrel which improves the cooling and makes it more rigid so that the user is able to shoot with better accuracy. In addition, the REPR MKII rifle comes with a muzzle brake that helps to reduce the recoil and allow firing faster follow up shots.

The handguard on the LWRC REPR MKII is fixed on to the upper receiver of the rifle and coupled with their proprietary locking design which features a tongue-and-groove mechanism. This helps to reduce the pressure on the barrel and further enhance its accuracy and reliability. Users can also add rail sections anywhere on the handguard for forend attachments. Although the upper receiver and the lower receiver are milled to decrease the weight of the AR-10 rifle, the total weight is still around 9 lbs. The REPR MKII also comes with flip-up iron sights, which makes it one of the more complete AR-10 rifle available on the market.

Knights Armament SR25 E2

The SR-25 E2 series of rifles is the end result of the latest evolution, refinement, and improvement of the AR-10 type rifle. There are a variety of models within the series oriented towards different applications such as the carbine and enhanced rifle variants. This model and it’s variants feed from box magazines that hold a capacity of 20 rounds, featuring a bolt catch mechanism that holds the bolt open once the last round is fired from the magazine. At a weight of around 10.5 lbs (4.8kg) the ambidextrous bolt release, selector, and magazine release offer left-handed users ergonomic advantages based around AR-15 controls while right-handed users gain alternate methods of manipulation, helping to increase the efficiency of movement.  This semi-automatic firearm can tackle it all, whether it’s a long-range precision shot or close-range action shooting.

Daniel Defense DD5 V2 308

A well-known name in the AR-15 market, Daniel Defense is known for manufacturing robust and reliable rifles that offer outstanding performance. The DD5 V2 308 is the upgraded version of Daniel Defense’s DDM4 rifle, which the company claims to be a competitive rifle right out of the box. It features an innovative handguard that does not touch the barrel nut and is attached to the upper receiver on the outside. This eliminates the pressure on the barrel, making the DD5 V2 308 more accurate and reliable.

The handguard of the DD5 V2 308 also has KeyMod attachment points on all sides aside from a rail on top. This means that users can include attachments almost anywhere on the rifle. That being said, the Daniel Defense DD5 comes with an 18-inch barrel, which is cold hammer-forged to assure durability and, coupled with their proprietary Superior Suppression Device, helps minimize muzzle flash and rise during continuous firing. The lower receiver of this AR-10 rifle is machined billet aluminum while the pistol grip features rubber molding to provide an added comfort to the user.


Lewis Machine & Tool Company has provided the US military, law enforcement, and government agencies with high-quality weapons, components, and modular weapon systems for over 30 years and is rapidly approaching “alpha” status among small arms manufacturers. The LMT MWS .308 is a rifle that carries LMT’s patented Modular Weapon System (MWS), a technology that engages the barrel extension for a full 360 degrees, making the barrel removable within seconds. The barrel utilizes a low profile gas block and straight gas tube that is treated cryogenically for long term durability. The upper receiver, magazine well, and magazines are longer in order to accommodate the longer 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge. Its 16-inch barrel is free-floated, making it more conducive to greater precision. 

The MWS takes SR-25 magazines as well as older AR-10 waffle magazines. The lower receiver of the LMT MWS is also ambidextrous. The LMT MWS takes a few details from the Knights Armament SR-25 and this rifle has been fielded by the British Armed Forces as well as the New Zealand Army in its L129A1 design.