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Tips on Using Tannerite to Practice Shooting


It’s an awe-inspiring feeling watching your bullet whiz through the air and hit a pound of explosive tannerite. There are two components making up Tannerite: ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, each inert before mixing with the other. That means it is 100% safe to handle and store Tannerite. On top of that, only a bullet that is traveling at a minimum speed of 2100 FPS is capable of setting off Tannerite.

Tannerite has become more mainstream with online videos showing shooters using it, as well as instructing others in its use. Popularity has also led to ready availability, so you now have the substance as something you can buy at big box outdoor stores, local gun shops, or even online. All said and done though, every self-respecting shooter needs to know how to handle the material safely. Listed below are some simple tips and tricks that can help you shoot Tannerite with an AR-15.

Safety Tips

Make sure to use the Tannerite within a few months of purchase, as it can attract moisture in storage. Tannerite is a material that draws water quickly, which can make the ammonium nitrate in it very clumpy, and diminish the power of the Tannerite or even make it useless. Moreover, it is best to mix it only when you are ready to shoot. In reality, it is not safe to drive around or store Tannerite when its components are mixed together. This is so serious that there are federal laws on traveling with or storing explosives like Tannerite.

Mixed Tannerite falls under the same category as black powder and so the same laws are applicable to both. People are not legally permitted to keep more than fifty pounds of Tannerite with them at any single time. From the safety perspective, you also need to know that the aluminum powder in Tannerite is inflammable, but the rest of the components are not. Just make sure to keep the components separated and away from open flame.


Always use Tannerite in a safe manner, and only use it towards what it is intended for. Constantly bear in mind that you could go to jail if you use it and someone gets hurt or dies as a result. In addition, if you are using Tannerite to practice shooting with your AR-15, it is highly imperative that you read the accompanying instructions and follow them to the latter. If you do not find any, check the website of the manufacturer and see what they suggest for safe use.