The Major Characteristics of an AR-15 Rifle

Being protected is always a good idea, especially when it comes to defending yourself against dangerous criminals and would-be house robbers. When considering the type of gun you choose to protect yourself, handguns are extremely easy to handle and are very beginner friendly. This adds to the overall convenience in crucial circumstances. Likewise, AR-15 rifles are an extremely useful option for defending yourself, your loved ones, and your home. Due to the added force and stopping power of an AR rifle, it’s one of the most advanced and preferred ways of staying protected.

Proving their effectiveness is an easy sell, as AR-15 rifles are commonly used in defensive firearm training. Aside from self-defense many enthusiasts choose to use to use their AR-15 rifles for competition shooting purposes as well. These are just a few reasons why it’s advantageous to own an AR 15 rifle. As mentioned earlier, the prime use of buying handguns is self defense or home security. However, if you’re to own one, you must be familiar with the important characteristics of AR-15 that make it an ultimate defense weapon. A few of those need-to-know characteristics are listed below.

Strong Barrels

One of the important firearm accessories is the barrel of the rifle. A barrel usually consists of a bore and a chromed chamber for better durability and corrosion resistance. Currently, the bullets available in the market for rifles on the heavy side. To stabilize them, it is recommended to consider one rotation in 7 or 8 inches when it comes to the rifling twist of your gun’s barrel. It is worth noting that cold hammer forged barrels will be a much better option for meeting your requirements.


Another significant characteristic that makes the AR-15 an ultimate option for security is its lightweight nature. This will let the owner wield the gun quickly and accurately. As a great veteran firearm instructors has once said, “Defensive marksmanship is the ability to shoot as accurately as needed, as fast as possible, and as many times as it takes.”

Metallurgy and Quality Control

For the best durability, the barrel and bolt carrier assembly of your rifle should either meet or exceed the military qualifications, which the majority of AR-15 accessories accurately do. However, it will be always a good idea to keep a spare bolt and the other significant bolt carrier assembly parts handy.

Ammunition and Magazines

Other important AR-15 accessories that add to the defensive and competitive applications of your firearm are its ammunition and magazines. Note that your AR-15 rifles must have ammunition and ammunition magazines that are particularly designed for defensive purposes. Furthermore, it is wise to have a mid-length gas system for relatively better reliability and durability, especially when it comes to 16-inch barrels.

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