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Why Bullet Weight Matters for Hunting


Most hunters do not give bullet weights much thought when they shop for ammunition. Although choosing the right caliber for your firearm would be enough in most cases, choosing the right bullet weight is just as important in order to achieve the desired outcome when hunting.

In fact, to find out if you have the right caliber for hunting, you need to be certain that the ammo you are carrying fits your purpose in the best way possible. This is where bullet weight comes into play. For instance, consider what you are planning to hunt – rabbits, squirrels, or a larger game. Then consider the amount of damage your bullet can cause to the target. If your game is a smaller animal, for example, lighter bullet weights might do the job, but that’s not the case if you’re planning to hunt an elk or a white-tailed deer.

Bullet weight is measured in grains; 7000 grains equals 1 pound. You can find the grain of the bullet labeled on the ammo box. However, note that the grain weight here does not refer to the amount of gunpowder contained within the shell or the bullet’s propellant. That is because different brands of gunpowder can produce different amounts of energy and force with the same quantity of gunpowder used. As for choosing the best grain for your needs, it will depend upon the firearm you are using as well as your requirements.

When you are hunting a game, you need to understand that accuracy matters quite a bit; shooting the vital part of the animal should be your goal, so you might need a bit of practice with different bullet weights to find the most ideal one for your needs. You can go target practicing with the different comparable bullet weights to achieve this skill. By doing so, you can get a better idea of how different bullet weights work in damaging the target and achieving your end-goal. At the same time, you can also figure out what range of shooting you should choose while hunting with your chosen bullet.

Note that some guns shoot a specific round in a much more forceful or accurate weight than others do. So experimenting with a few guns and rifles is also recommended in this case. For instance, using a .270 Remington rifle with 150-grain bullets will work fine for deer hunting at medium range distance. At the same time, a lighter grain bullet might not result in great penetration with the same rifle even though in practice it would travel much faster towards to the target.