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PayPal Removed As A Payment Option

Over the past year, our catalog has grown tremendously. We added thousands of products to the site and onboarded over 100 new brands. Throughout this process, we received push-back from PayPal on multiple occasions, claiming our products violated their acceptable use policy. In an effort to maintain our relationship with PayPal and retain it as a payment option on the site, we implemented strict checkout rules which blocked PayPal if certain firearm parts or accessories were added to the cart. This satisfied their complaints and we moved on.

Last week, PayPal reversed course and decided this did not go far enough, claiming that simply offering PayPal on the same website as “AR-15 Upper Receivers” and other terrifying gun parts violated their acceptable use policy. They recommended we remove these products from our website.

Uh, yeah, no thanks.

While we do understand some customers prefer PayPal, the decision to no longer accept it will allow us to continue to expand our selection without the worry of having our funds frozen or customers’ payments held. If you were a PayPal user on our site and are having trouble using our credit card checkout form, please contact support for assistance.