The Best Upgrade for the Streamlight TLR-7A Compact Weapon Light

Today, let’s delve into what we consider the best upgrade for the Streamlight TLR-7A Compact Weapon Light. This light has earned its place as one of the most popular weapon lights on the market for good reason. It strikes a perfect balance between performance and size, boasting intuitive switch functions.

Key Features of the Streamlight TLR-7A
The TLR-7A sits flush with a Glock 19, offers 500 lumens and 5,000 candela. While it might not outperform larger lights like the X300 in terms of raw performance, for its size, the TLR-7A stands out. We believe it excels in the concealed carry role.

Intuitive Switch Functions
One of the standout features of the TLR-7A is its activation switch. It has paddles on either side that, when pressed and held, activate the light momentarily. A quick press and release will keep the light on constantly until switched off again. This intuitive design makes it user-friendly and effective.

Emissary Development Paddle Shifter: The Perfect Upgrade
While the TLR-7A’s design is already impressive, our sister company, Emissary Development, has found a way to enhance its ease of use and ergonomics with a new drop-in product: the Emissary Development Paddle Shifter.

Improved Design and Ergonomics
The Emissary Paddle Shifters are drop-in replacement paddles that can be easily swapped with the stock OEM paddles. The key difference is the raised engagement surface with improved ergonomic geometry and surface texture. This design makes the paddle shifter easier to activate with your support side thumb, without needing to break your grip. This improvement ensures a more consistent, natural, and comfortable activation of the light.

Standard and Extended Models
The paddle shifter comes in two versions: Standard and Extended. Both feature a raised and extended engagement surface. The extended model reaches a bit farther rearward at a slightly higher angle. If you’re looking for a slightly lower profile with less chance of obstructing the trigger guard, we recommend the standard model.

Personally, we found a combination works best. The extended switch is perfect for the support side thumb, while the standard switch provides good clearance for the trigger finger. For the TLR-7 sub, we recommend the standard version as the sub sits lower on the frame of the gun, and the extended switch could obstruct the trigger guard.

Holster Compatibility
Both models are shaped to follow the profile of the light, making them holster compatible. This ensures you don’t have to compromise on carrying comfort or functionality.

In conclusion, we believe the Emissary Development Paddle Shifter is the best upgrade for the TLR-7A weapon light. It enhances usability and ergonomics, making a great product even better. Check them out on our website today!

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