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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing the Lower Parts of AR-15 Pt 1

There are several reasons for installing a lower parts kit in your AR-15. It is possible to build your own rifle with an 80% lower receiver and to upgrade the lower parts for a smoother trigger pull experience and a tighter shot group. You can also replace the lower AR15 parts if a part broke or if the spring came out. Regardless of the purpose, the lower parts should be fixed appropriately for a smooth experience. There are several ways to install accessories the wrong way. Below is a discussion of the mistakes to avoid while installing AR-15 parts.

Not Having the Proper Tools

One of the important things to remember is to keep the right set of tools handy before you start to assemble rifle parts. Some of the tools which you almost always require include punches, nylon/brass hammer, stock wrench, multi-tool, needle nose pliers, ball peen hammer, vice grip, and a stable workbench. There are more tools you can add to this list if you are more familiar with the process of installing the AR-15 accessories. The key here is to be comfortable with the tools while avoiding unnecessary damage to components.

Speeding through the Process

This is something which is possible for anyone passionate about rifles and AR-15s in particular. The arrival of your rifle is usually much-anticipated, and the excitement lasts through the processes of receiving the delivery, opening the box, and inspecting the package. Finally, you would be ready to go to the range after compiling the rifle and to show off your latest buy. The problem here is that a lot of people tend to rush through the process of installing the lower parts kit of their rifles, or the 80% lower kit.

It has been observed on several occasions that the safety selector hole is too big. In such a case, it will not stay on fire. Additionally, you’ll most likely miss fixing the takedown pin spring. If you take this rifle to the range, you may find parts flying off of your rifle, which is more dangerous than you would imagine. Your AR-15 can become a safety hazard and may in all likelihood cause a lot of damage. Apart from that, there is also the matter of incurring significant embarrassment in front of professional precision shooters at the range. Make sure to give yourself ample time before compiling the lower parts. It is important to understand the process thoroughly before you start installing the kit. Read articles or watch videos related to the procedure and make sure you are confident about where each part goes on the rifle.