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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing the Lower Parts of AR-15 Pt 2

Installing the Incorrect Parts

There are numerous AR-15 manufacturers out there, and a similar number of manufacturers for 80% lowers as well as general AR-15 parts and accessories. It is usually very difficult figuring out the compatibility of parts unless you’ve picked the same brand across the board. There are also further questions raised over the first weeks of ownership, such as milspec compatibility and whether all the parts adhere to the AR-15 standard. Apart from the unique AR-15 lower such as Sharp Bros AR-15, the majority of standard parts fit the typical AR-15 rifle. Although there are a few exceptions, products sold as AR-15 components will definitely match with the standard AR-15.

An alternative to assuring compatibility is by employing mil-spec components made according to military specifications, and to high precision. There are other elements that cause further confusion. For instance, AR-10 and AR-15 components, parts, and rifles are strikingly similar. It would be good if there were an option of using parts interchangeably between the two, but that is not the case. The AR-10 is a higher level version and requires a larger collection of parts. Some people make the mistake of ordering components for the AR-10 and trying to fit it to an AR-15. Ultimately, they’ll never really be compatible.

Listening To Bad Advice

One of the things you may definitely encounter before you install your AR-15 accessories is varying advice from a lot of different people either in person or on forums. You need to bear in mind that what worked for them might not work for you. Take the good points of what they offer, but the majority of your source of information should be experts who have made a living around rifles. There is also the option of consulting credble people with years of experience online, which may be more useful than seemingly random advice from someone who simply bought the same firearm a few years back.

Above are a few mistakes seen among the users of the AR-15. It is natural that people will make mistakes out of inexperience. If you experiment with the installation process, you risk damaging the device and yourself. Therefore, make sure you research well before setting out to assemble the parts on your AR-15.

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