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5 Accessories Which Can Make your Range Bag More Useful

Take the new shooter, the pro, or the mid-skilled gun user, and you will certainly find things in common. Besides the fact that they all use and love guns, of course. Each brings basically the same tools when hitting the range: ammo, protection for eyes and ears, and a few other items that help you better use the gun. There are some other items and measures as well that few shooters think of which can be tremendously useful over the long run. See the following list for our personal recommendations.

Magazine Loader

It gets tiring after a while when you keep loading magazines, and this takes a toll on your hands. A magazine loader such as an UpLULA is a utility that protects them during those times, thus making a nifty addition to any range bag. This is easy to use, as well as a major help to shooters with hand strength problems. Putting the final rounds in the magazine becomes much easier.


There is no end to the useful applications you can derive from a towel in any situation; at the range, this holds just as true if not truer. You could definitely use one for your hands, and another in case you find the need to wipe one surface or another. Rest assured, the use would justify the added space.

Accessory Pouch

The more frequently you are at the range, the more you will notice things accumulating inside your range bag. There comes a point where smalls item are suddenly difficult to find, so why not separate them from the firearm parts and other bigger items? An accessory pouch can hold bore snakes, foam earplugs, chapstick, etc., separately, making them easy to grab when you want them.

Lead-Remover Wipes

Handling guns, ammunition, firearm accessories, and even range accessories such as steel targets, can leave lead behind the hands. Use lead-remover wipes to get it off before heading home. Such wipes are made to lift the lead and hold it, without smearing it on your skin.

Sewing Kit

If you see a hole in your range bag or your clothing, it makes sense to fix it right away to avoid messing up your range trip. If this happens after you leave home, it helps to have a pocket-sized sewing kit with you (the accessory pouch would be perfect to hold it). Fix the problem then and there, so you do not dwell on it and ruin an otherwise simple range trip.