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5 Vital Accessories for the First-Time Gun Owner Pt. 1

Buying your first gun, pistol, or shotgun is a big deal, if only as an act of exercising the right the second amendment gives us to bear and keep arms. For a lot of people the purchase brings great joy; meanwhile, it also causes plenty of confusion if they are new to gun and accessory selection. Firearm accessories range so widely that you could walk in a gun store or visit a website, and feel like you just entered a mirror maze – the sensation of fun holds you there, but you have no clue where to go next.

There is some essential gear that a first-time gun owner should absolutely have going forward; luckily, we have a list delving into that in decent detail below. Seven main items form the core of what lets a gun owner completely learn and enjoy shooting as a sport.


Standoffs are mostly impractical these days, not to mention illegal, but you do have the option to test yourself using a rangefinder and a high-visibility target. Technically, a target can be something as simple as a paper plate that you staple onto a backboard, but at a gun range, you need something more substantial. Rifle shooters love Redfield targets with multiple grids, which make for easier sighting as well as focusing. For handgun users, few things beat the classic silhouette target. The more advanced your target, the niftier the features you get out of it. If you are a beginner though, it is best to stick to a simple well-marked grid target.

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Shooting can be a lot of fun, but it also leaves you with the requirement of cleaning the gun afterward, mainly involving the removal of residual lead and carbon. Any lingering moisture is bad as well, because it can lead to corrosion if you just leave it there. A comprehensive cleaning kit comes with wipes, gun oil, brass jags, cleaning patches, brushes, and finally, a brass patch holder. Get all of those things, and your gun bag becomes more complete and functional. When it comes to weapon accessories, cleaning supplies are indispensable.


Choosing ammunition can be very confusing for a beginner, because lots of things need considering here. You need to be paying attention to the bullet type, grain, and caliber, all of which affect accuracy in a tangible way. The best approach is to ask a gun dealer what they think is best for your needs. A seasoned dealer can help you find the correct load for your firearm, and after that particular ammo has become your steady favorite, you can ease the acquisition process by buying in bulk from a reputed online supplier. This saves both time and money, and lets you have the option of firing at will when you are at the range. You also have snap caps under the ammunition canopy; these are useful items to have at times when you wish to dry-fire your gun, largely preventing damage to the machined internal parts when the trigger is pulled.