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5 Vital Accessories for the First-Time Gun Owner Pt. 2

Purchasing your first firearm is a big deal, as you’re not only exercising your second amendment rights but also brings about a feeling of excitement and anticipation. However, for the first time gun owner, learning the ropes can be a bit of a challenge. Accessories range widely that walking into a store or visiting a website can make any novice feel overwhelmed. Following are some extra essential gear that would be extremely beneficial for the first-time gun owner.

Ear and Eye Guards

Going into an occupied gun range without the proper ear protection can harm your hearing right off the bat, which makes sense because the gunfire’s decibel level is almost as high as that of thunder. Most thunder that you get to hear actually originates miles away, while gunfire at a range is much closer, so that should give you a fair perspective on the importance of earmuffs or plugs. Eye protection is just as important. Ejected shells can throw out shrapnel that threatens your vision if you happen to have your eyes exposed. Shooting glasses provide an effective barrier, and are well worth having in your range bag.

Extra Magazines

Every new firearm enthusiast is at least faintly prone to neglect the fact that sooner or later, everyone ends up needing extra magazines at the range. You do not need a seasoned marksman to tell you the obvious: guns are useless the second they run out of ammo. You need a backup, whether you have a piece concealed on your person, or you are out practicing on targets. Online dealers make it easy to shop for extra magazines these days, and you get a wide variety and long manufacturer list to pick out of.

As you probably guessed, your first firearm purchase opens the door into a whole new world, and while a lot of what comes after can be very confusing, having the basics down is often enough to ensure that you get to safely and conveniently gain the shooting proficiency that you seek. Again, find a gun store who is willing to answer the occasional question you have about your gun whenever you visit their shop for supplies. Keep it casual so you do not annoy them and lose out on a font of useful information.

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