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Buying Guns for Prepper Survival


Defense against threats is the biggest point in favor of owning a gun. Without being armed and prepared in the right ways, one can hardly expect to be able to be able to protect their person, family, and property, when something goes wrong on a large scale. That said, there is a limit to the number of guns and firearm accessories you can derive actual use from, even if you happen to be a hardcore prepper. Going overboard is so easy that you need some hard planning to keep from overspending your resources.

The Essentials

Everyone starts off with research on guns, ammo, and related gear when it comes to something like this, which is just as well. Your main preference should be to stick to the basics, which in turn facilitates a comprehensive security plan and its effective execution.

Chuck the Chrome

Survival firearms are not supposed to be flashy, because the shinier your gun is, the harder it would be to keep it from giving you away. Essential prepper defense requires steering clear of the collector variety of guns, limited editions, specialty firearms, and complex models. Again, the aim is to go basic right from the start.

A Good Three Gun Set

A revolver is your best handgun option. Choose a decent 6-shot, .357-caliber Magnum capable of shooting .38 Specials as well. If you prefer a semi-auto, then pick a universal 9 mm, or a 10 mm higher up. Above all, be sure of brand quality and reliability when buying.

For your shotgun, start by looking at 12-gauge options with pump action. A tactical factory-configured, extended magazine model is best for survival scenarios; alternatively, pick a gun that can be upgraded this way. Few guns beat the Remington 870 in this regard, with the finest semi-auto option perhaps being the 11-87 from the same manufacturer. Exotic shotguns are a no-no. Lastly, figure out if you have any major sensitivity to recoil; if you do, pick up a 20-gauge, and keep in mind that this option has a lower range and reduced power.

Among defensive rifles, the AR15 is a consistent winner in terms of utility. It will cost something considerable but would deliver excellent close-range effectiveness, especially when fitted with useful AR15 accessories such as high-quality optic or electronic red dot. There are plenty of accessorizing options down that route, but again, it serves one best not to go overboard with it.

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