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5 Mistakes That New AR-15 Owners Make


Purchasing a semi-automatic rifle is undoubtedly a big step in the life of almost any gun owner looking to make the next step into more advanced firearms. Usually, people who buy guns – especially an AR-15 – for the first time face many challenges when it comes to functioning, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Needless to say, a lot of these new owners tend to make some silly mistakes in those areas. Some of the common ones every AR-15 owner must avoid at any cost is listed below.

Using a Cheap Sling

Usually a buyer tries their best to stay on budget, and one of the most common things people do to save money on a new firearm is choosing a cheap sling or holster. This is unwise, however, and can lead to a number of dangerous consequences. First off, you can’t rely on low-quality holsters for the simple reason that your gun stands a higher chance of accidentally slipping out of the holster. On top of that, you can’t overlook the probability of the holster materials getting stuck inside the trigger guard of the gun and accidentally pulling the trigger. In short, using a cheap holster to hold your gun can even be life-threatening at times.

Considering a Light Trigger

A light trigger is the best option for a person who mostly does sport shooting but works terribly in almost any conceivable self-defense situation. A negligent discharge is a very real possibility during stressful situations. One real benefit from a light trigger, however, is less creep when you’re doing precision shooting which means more accuracy with less effort. As previously stated, however, accuracy doesn’t amount to anything in a hectic situation where a gun has the potential to be misfired whether it’s on your sling or another compromised location.

Giving Prominence to Accessories over Skill

A number of the latest weapon accessories available for firearms in the form of attachments don’t really matter if you are not skilled enough to make good use of them. In fact, adding too many gadgets to your rifle only succeeds in making the weapon heavier. Get the proper training and hit the range regularly. A good shooter does not need too many extraneous AR-15 parts attached to their firearm in order to prove his or her skill.

Ignoring the Basics

People often rush to start shooting their firearm all while ignoring the fundamentals. Note that only a person who learns the basics can hope be a good shot. You need to know how to handle your gun safely. Usually, the shooting basics are categorized among the following.

  • Gun safety
  • Proper sight picture
  • Sight alignment
  • Breath control
  • Trigger pull
  • Grip
  • Posture