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A Helpful Guide for Cleaning your AR-15


The first time AR-15 owner may have no clue what entails proper automatic rifle cleaning procedures. Dissembling a gun is vital to clean it effectively, and most owners may find this step intimidating as it requires enough knowledge to re-assemble all of their AR-15 parts without damaging any of them. In reality, AR-15 cleaning is pretty simple and you can do it effectively if you properly consider the following steps.

  • First, gather the right tools needed to clean your AR-15. Typically, most gun owners purchase a cleaning kit along with their gun in addition to some specific AR-15 cleaning accessories such as a bore brush which should match the caliber of the gun. The material of your bore brush is up to you but we recommend brass, nylon or bronze for most instances. Steel bore brushes can be used but isn’t recommended for your bore or barrel
  • Once your AR-15 cleaning kit is ready put some disposable nitrile gloves since so you don’t stain your hands with any possible irritants. Then, render your gun safe before beginning the cleaning process. Make sure to remove the magazine and all the ammo from it.
  • Separate the upper and lower parts of your gun by pushing out the take-down pins, followed by pulling the two halves apart. Even though you can easily push out some pins using your fingers, you will need to employ a nylon punch to push out the hard ones.
  • Remove the charging handle and bolt carrier group by sliding them out of the body of the upper receiver. After this, disassemble the bolt carrier group carefully by pushing back the bolt and taking out the firing pin and retaining clip. For this step you’re going to need to use the appropriate tool in your kit. Additionally, remove the cam pin by rotating it 90 degrees, so that you can slide it right off.
  • Once you take out the bolt, remove the extractor pin and extractor using the hammer and punch in your cleaning kit. Use the same tools to remove the buffer spring and buffer from the buffer tube.
  • Start cleaning the chamber from rear to front. Make sure to remove all the debris from the gun by inserting a bore brush into it. Next, clean the bolt carrier group by scrubbing each and every part of it. Thoroughly check for carbon buildup, particularly on the firing pin. Once you are done with the cleaning, assemble the bolt carrier group back up.
  • Clean the buffer assembly by wiping all parts well, especially the buffer and spring. Similarly, wipe clean the upper receiver and charging handle thoroughly. Here, you may use oil rags for effective cleaning. In the same way, clean the FCG (Fire Control Group) and lower receiver by scrubbing them with a brush, followed by wiping well using an oiled rag.
  • Finally, reassemble and lubricate your rifle, and you are good to go. Furthermore, do an overall check in order to ensure all the AR-15 parts are placed properly.