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Easy Ways of Cleaning your Gun Pt. 2


In the last article we went over the beginning steps to cleaning your gun and gun accessories thoroughly. We looked at removing the bolt, swabbing the bore, and scrubbing the bore with a bore brush and solvent. In this follow up we’ll go over the next steps to proper gun cleaning including lubricating and optimal storage for your firearm.

Run Bore with Patches

For the next step you need to run many solvent soaked patches down the barrel of the gun and out its muzzle end. Make sure to replace the patch with a new one every time after pulling the old one out. You can repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the patch that you used. It might not come out completely white. However, if the patch comes out black or with shades of green and blue, you should terminate the cleaning procedure.

Gun solvent can turn the barrel fowling green or bluish. If this continues, you would need to soak the barrel again, allow it to sit, and then brush it again. The cleaning depends on the number of rounds that were shot with the gun since its last cleaning. Cleaning a gun after shooting half a dozen rounds is very much different from cleaning one that has fired 500 rounds.

Apply Light Lubrication

There is a popular belief that guns will perform well when they are soaked in oil. That is not fully true, but a little bit does help. After all the scrubbing and swabbing, the barrel of the gun will need a very light coat of oil, preferably rust-prevention oil. You would also need to lubricate the bolt. Make use of a clean and soft cotton cloth carrying rust-prevention oil to wipe the metal parts of the gun. Applying a small bit of oil on the wooden parts won’t do any harm; however, make sure not to overdo this step.

Discussed above are the steps to clean and lubricate your firearm. You can wear cotton gloves while handling the gun in order to avoid fingerprints. While storing a gun and gun accessories, make sure not to put it in a sealed case, as it might accumulate moisture over time and lead to the rusting of your firearm. If you do store the gun is a sealed case, do not forget to add a pack of moisture desiccant like silica gel to the container. Otherwise, you may prop the gun in a closet, or in a secure area. Store the ammo away from the gun.

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