AR-15, Maintenance

Steps to Carry Out Proper Maintenance of AR-15 Pt 2

Next, remove the other firearm parts in succession. First, remove the bolt carrier group and the charging handle. These handles slide back from the upper receiver. Now rotate the cam pin towards the side to get the bolt.

Initially, push the bolt backward and dismantle the firing retaining pin with your pick. Remove the firing pin after this and keep it aside. After you rotate the cam pin ninety degrees, you will be able to remove it. The bolt will slide out as well.

Dismantle the Bolt

You can remove the extractor next. Use a mallet and punch to remove the extractor pin. Once it is out, set it aside. The extractor pins should be taken special care of since they could possible roll off the table. After this, take out the buffer spring and the buffer from the buffer tube.

Clean the Chamber and Barrel

Make sure you clean the barrel from rear to front. Follow the path of the debris, which is also the path of the bullet. Insert the brush from the rear and bring it out through the front. You can use a bit of bore cleaner for this step. Repeat the rounds until the cleaning apparatus comes out clean.

Clean up the Bolt Carrier Group

Give the bolt carrier group a fair scrub, and make sure you clean all the carbon buildup, particularly at the rear of the firing pin. This is where brushes are useful. A stiff toothbrush will help you clean it easily.

Clean the Buffer Assembly

You can do this by getting a rag and using a lubricant to wipe away all the debris. Wipe the buffer and the spring until clean. In case the rifle has a collapsible stock, you should remove it clean its exterior.

Clean the Charging Handle and Upper Receiver

This can be completed using a slightly oiled rag. Wipe down the impurities. To inspect, you can use a rag and check for the carbon particles picked up.

Clean the Fire Control Group (FCG) and Lower Receiver

Use oil and a brush to do this. Check the Fire Control Group and confirm that there are no cracks on the lower receiver. Use a toothbrush to reach places which are difficult to reach.

Reassemble your Rifle

Retrace the steps you followed while dismantling the gun. Coat all pieces of the bolt carrier group and charging handle with a slight layer of lubricant. Note that every moveable part requires a bit of lubricant. Finally, clean the magazine before getting your gun ready for a few more rounds.