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Choosing the Best Accessories for your AR-15 Rifle Pt 1

Picking the right firearm parts is essential to ensure the best performance of your AR-15. This includes upgrades as well as modification of the gun itself. Although the process doesn’t have to be complicated, it does require some serious consideration about certain essential factors regarding the rifle. What follows is an in-depth overview of general aspects to bear in mind while you deciding on your ideal AR-15 accessories.

When you do make the leap into AR-15 modification, the first thing that you should decide is the question of what the rifle or carbine will ultimately be used for. There should be some deliberation on whether it is used for self-defense or for some other specific task like competitive shooting or precision shooting. Then, you research specific accessories and additions that will help you fulfill that purpose to the greatest extent.

Build a High Performance Gun

The first aim should be to make the gun simple, lightweight and convenient to use. Weight is an important factor to consider as it dictates the comfort of the owner when carrying the rifle around and using it on the range or in the field. If you too many modifications it can lead to an overly heavy gun which can in turn lead to a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, make sure you keep the weight of the gun to a minimum.

Removing Unnecessary Weight

There are several ways to trim down the weight of the gun. For instance, you can choose a lighter barrel instead of a heavy barrel. The small things can add up to a considerable load.

Look for Reliability

Reliability is of paramount importance when it comes to guns. Regardless of the location, the gun should fire reliably and not jam due to incompatible accessories. Additionally, the weapon should function smoothly in areas like round ejection and reload.

There are a lot of reviews available online regarding guns and their accessories. You can browse different forums and read reviews to improve your knowledge base and find out what the general consensus is around a certain product. These first-hand discussions usually include descriptions of how a product functions in different situations as well as in conjunction with other accessories. Make sure to read as many resources that you can about a certain product due to the fact that different outlets may have varying and conflicting opinions.

Additionally, the most up to date forums or outlets may have information about product revisions that may have fixed aspects of the accessory that users have complained about. That said, every product is bound to have negative reviews but it’s how that company takes that criticism and alters their product to accommodate it that will define its quality. If a product mostly has positive reviews and user history, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s a reliable product.