Why Geissele Automatics Is A Top Brand In 2022

Geissele Automatics Government Super Semi-Automatic (SSA-X) Trigger

Why Geissele Automatics Is A Top Brand In 2022

To be considered a top brand, you have to have some pretty amazing qualities. It goes without saying that the best brands in the gun accessories business have unmatched quality, innovating features, and exceptional performance. One such brand is Geissele Automatics, which you’ve no doubt heard of before. Why? Because they meet all of the above qualities. Not only that, they’ve made some great advancements with weapon accessories and gun parts that are truly changing the game. Let’s take a look at some of their best accessories.

Geissele Automatics Government Super Semi-Automatic (SSA-X) Trigger

Geissele Automatics Government Super Semi-Automatic (SSA-X) Trigger

The SSA-X Government trigger is a two-stage trigger that has some pretty amazing features. First, a Nanocoated wide-body trigger and Nanocoated Hammer, with a special Chrome Nitride disconnect. These combine advancements in coating design to bring about the next evolution of the venerable SSA. These coatings dramatically enhance wear and corrosion resistance. Additionally, it helps keep the trigger running smooth and breaking clean, even after heavy use with minimal lubrication. The SSA-X Government trigger is a non-adjustable trigger with a familiar M4 bow.

This allows the trigger to be light enough for accurate and precise shots, but also forgiving enough for dynamic close in work as well. While the SSA-X Government Trigger comes assembled with a heavier Mil-Spec pull weight, Geissele is also including a lighter trigger spring to bring the 1st stage down to 2.75 – 3 lbs., and the overall pull weight down to 4.25 – 5.0 lbs. if so desired.

Geissele Automatics MK14 Super Modular Rail M-LOK – 13.5″

If you’re a fan of the previous Super Modular Rails, you’ll love this one. The MK14 is the latest entry to the Geissele line up of Super Modular Rails. You’ll notice the new handguard design, which offers a smaller diameter and overall height to create a slimmer package. Included with the MK14 Super Modular Rail is an updated version of the proven Geissele Barrel Nut design. This not only provides ease of installation, but also superior rigidity. In addition, the long surface contact of the 2.25” barrel nut interfaces with the receiver. This creates a platform that can be trusted to be straight and true the entire length of the free float rail.

The MK14 has a 3d machined build, with 6061-T6 Aluminum due to its strong, rigid and lightweight properties. Utilizing Magpul’s M-LOK technology in the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions allow the end user full customization and modularity of their rifle to securely mount lights, bipods and other firearm accessories. The Geissele MK14 Super Modular rail is finished in a durable and long lasting Type 3 Hardcoat Anodized available in either Black or Geissele’s DDC finish.

Geissele Super Precision Scope Mount – 34mm Extended – Standard Height

The AR-15/M4 Super Precision series of scope mounts are perfect for use with an AR-15/M4 upper. Looking at the mounting surface, you’ll see it spans 7 picatinny sections and utilizes 4 shear lugs. These mounts use Geissele’s update of the classic nut and bolt method for clamping the mount to the picatinny rail. This is the most secure method of attaching your scope to your weapon. Each nut and bolt combination provides 1,400 pounds of clamping force, much more than any lever mounting arrangement.

Geissele Automatics Folding BUIS – Front

Geissele machines the entire mount from a single piece of billet aluminum, which allows for the best possible return, . This also allows for added pockets and ribs throughout the mount. This is instrumental in adding strength and rigidity. In addition, it helps line bore the caps to each other, and then serialize the caps to the body. The line bore operation creates the best possible fit to the body of your scope. When you go to shoot, you’ll see that you can apply proper torque without fear of crushing or damaging the body of your scope. Another advantage of machining from a single piece of aluminum is having a mount with cap locations that will suit a wide variety of scopes. Truly, this mount from Geissele is a super versatile option that packs a ton of value.

Geissele Automatics Super AR-15 Charging Handle 

Geissele Automatics’ Super Charging Handle is 3D machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. With an ambidextrous design, this handle allows for seamless operation from either side of the weapon. The checkered handling surface adds a textured grip to make operation with gloves easier. 

Finally, the heightened rear lip of the SCH helps mitigate gas blowback to the shooter when firing with shorter barrelled or suppressed weapon systems. Geissele charging handles rank consistently high in performance, and we highly recommend you try them out.

Impact Weapons Charging Handle
All said and done, these gun accessories from Geissele Automatics can make a huge difference to your performance. We love the outstanding quality of the products they offer, and the innovation they provide is simply unmatched. If you’re looking for some new accessories to try out, we highly recommend Geissele Automatics.