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Best AR 15 and AK Accessories for 2020 

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Best AR 15 and AK Accessories for 2020 

The AR 15 and AK rifles serve a wide array of purposes. Other than actually putting your firearm to use, buying new stuff to use with the rifle is arguably the most fun part about owning it. Purchasing the proper accessories allows you to customize your firearm to fit your particular needs, and can elevate the function and appearance of your firearm. 

There are countless AR 15 and AK parts and accessories to pick from, and choosing the right components makes all the difference when you’re building your dream rifle. The vast amount of products and accessories to choose from is a good thing, but can also be slightly overwhelming. It is difficult to know which parts to get, so our team at Milspec has cultivated a collection of some of the best accessories for 2020.


Q Cherry Bomb

1. Q Cherry Bomb

The first product on our must have list is the Cherry Bomb by Q, which is a Quickie Fast-Attach muzzle brake. If you already own some other Q products, this AR 15 accessory is especially useful. This muzzle brake is conveniently compatible with the Thunder Chicken and Trash Panda silencers.  It includes a taper mount shoulder to align with these products. 

The Q Cherry Bomb features a half inch socket on the front, allowing for ease of installation and removal. This muzzle break also has 360 degree circumferential ports, so there is no need for timing and shims! Lastly, The Q Cherry Bomb is backwards compatible with standard 0- degree shouldered barrels. We would recommend The Q Cherry Bomb muzzle brake to anyone who is looking for an upgrade!


2. RS Regulate

RS Regulate has introduced cutting edge, proprietary technology to the AK world. Their groundbreaking designs enable every AK owner to build a perfect rifle! RS Regulate has many different AR accessories, but among our favorite of their products is the RS AK-300 Modular Side Mount System

As the world’s first modular side rail system, this design allows users to change upper optic mounts as needed. Users can also adjust both over-bore and front-to-back position of the upper, ensuring their optic is perfectly placed. By allowing optimal vision, the RS Regulate is invaluable to target practice. With this mount system, you will increase your accuracy greatly.


Q Plan B

3. Q Plan B

One of the most impressive AR 15 parts of 2020 is the Q Plan B Silencer. This silencer will drastically reduce the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report, protecting your ears and allowing you to go unnoticed by nearby prey if you are a hunter. It pairs well with the Q Cherry Bomb we discussed above, and the two are often purchased together because of this fit. 

The Q Plan B is an accessory designed to replace the mount on an Omega 300, Harvester Big Bore, or Hybrid 46. The Q Plan B is perfect if you are wanting the option to run those silencers on the Q Cherry Bomb devices. These two serve as the perfect duo, and we highly recommend purchasing them individually, if not together! 

Railscales Anchor Grip

4. Railscales Anchor

The Railscales Anchor is the perfect AR upgrade if you are looking for help in aiming and recoiling control for your AR 15! This anchor is a bi-directional vertical foregrip. It is compatible with both M-Lok & KeyMod rails with their patented COG Multi-Mount system, including hardware for both! This foregrip is reversible, allowing either a 90 degree angle, or a more relaxed 70 degree angle.

 It has a grip texture to allow for maximum non-slip grip. Railscales uses a cutting edge design to make this particular foregrip lighter than almost all other polymer vertical hand grips! However, the reduced weight does not signify any deficit in function! The Railscales Anchor will do wonders for your control, and we highly recommend you take a look. 

Geissele Mounts

5. Geissele Super Precision Mount

The last AR 15 upgrade we recommend are the Geissele Super Precision Mounts, which are made from 7075-T6 High Strength Aluminum. The entire Geissele mount is skillfully machined from a singular piece of billet aluminum, resulting in the best possible return to zero. Additionally, pockets and ribs are added throughout the mount for extra strength and rigidity. 

The caps are line bored to each other, and the caps are serialized to the body, creating the perfect fit to the body of your scope. This allows you to apply proper torque without having to worry about damaging the body of your scope! If you are looking for a mount with advanced design and machining, the Geissele mount will be the perfect fit for you!

As you can see, purchasing just a few gun accessories can entirely revamp your AR 15! These upgrades have the ability to aid in comfortability, accuracy, and functionality, which are hugely important considerations when building your dream AR. 

Try to keep your own personal goals in mind when selecting the most needed parts for your rifle. Because there are endless AR 15 and AK accessories to choose from, it is important to think about what you would like to improve with your experience. You can also improve your buying experience by learning more about the parts of an AR 15 or AK, as understanding the different functions each part has will help you make smart decisions.

 You can narrow down which parts are the best for you by considering your individual preferences. These can include the way your rifle is currently set up, or what you use your rifle for. Ultimately, it is important to enjoy the process and learn as much as you can about your rifle. Whether it is a new rifle barrel or silencer, the options are truly limitless.

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