Understanding AR 15 Parts and Accessories

AR 15

Understanding AR 15 Parts and Accessories
AR 15

The AR-15 is known as America’s rifle. Mirroring the beauty of our diverse country, the rifle is fit to serve a diverse range of purposes, from hunting to self defense to recreation. Operating in calibers from .22 Long Rifle to .50 Beowulf, the rifle’s versatility allows it to be altered to fit the specific needs of any gun owner. W

With just slight upgrades and changes, you can easily modify the rifle’s purpose and function. A broad range of AR 15 parts and accessories are available to increase the accuracy, efficiency, and style of your firearm. 

This vast array of AR 15 attachments provides the opportunity to customize your weapon, perfectly suiting it to your preferences and intended uses. This way, you get a more accurate and therefore more optimal shooting experience. Picking the right components is important when customizing an AR-15 rifle, and half the fun of owning an AR is buying new stuff to use with it! Some of the most common parts include rifle stocks, suppressors, mounts and sights, and grips. 

All of these gun attachments serve their own distinct functions, and bring different advantages to your shooting experience. Let’s talk a bit more about what specific function each of these popular parts accomplishes. 

Rifle stocks

The rifle stock is one of the most important parts of a rifle. The rifle stock is the portion of your automatic rifle that provides structural support. The barrel, action, and firing mechanism are attached here. The main function of the stock is to allow the shooter to brace the gun firmly,  and place it against his shoulder when he is aiming his firearm. 

This stability allows for easier aim, thereby aiding in shooting precision. Additionally, the stock transmits recoil straight into the shooter’s body, helping to counter the muzzle rise. The stock is central to a comfortable shooting experience, and helps ensure you can effortlessly aim your rifle. 


AR 15 suppressors have become slightly notorious, as many people immediately think of mobsters or villains from a James Bond movie trying to keep their violent crimes under wraps. However, suppressors are not designed to serve malicious purposes! In fact, the average rifle owner makes use of suppressors for far more organic purposes. 

The most obvious function of a suppressor is to protect the shooter’s ears from the harmful loud noise of firing your weapon. Moreover, if the purpose of your rifle is for hunting, a suppressor can give you a huge advantage. Firing off just one round can scare off every animal in hearing distance, making it much harder to find targets. 

With a suppressor, however, you can fire off a few shots without alerting all the nearby prey. Every gun owner should consider this attachment to his rifle! If you are on the market, Q suppressors are among the best AR 15 suppressors. 

Mounts + Sights 

A well made rifle is hugely important, but equally as important is the glue that holds the rifle to the scope: the scope mount! People often overlook the importance of mounting your scope correctly, but it is extremely vital to fire off precise rounds. A correct mount will give you a great zero, heightening your chances of hitting your target. 

To further improve your shooting accuracy, sights are hugely important to provide you with a functioning sighting system. With a proper sighting system and a sturdy mount, you will hit the target every time! Every shooter wants to hit the target with great accuracy, so no one can undermine the importance of mounts and sights.


The grip of your automatic rifle is the portion that is held by the hand, allowing the shooter to orient the firearm. Typically, the grip would orient the hand in a forward, vertical orientation, but also allows the gun to be used comfortably in less conventional positions. Grips serve various functions, such as magazine housing, bipod, or tool storage. 

They allow for better recoil control and faster follow ups under automatic fire. Two of our top picks include the Magpul Pistol Grip, and Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip, which both provides simplicity at a low price, while still providing exceptional durability.

An AR 15 is more than the sum of its parts, but this does not take away from the importance of the attachments! Each different part of the firearm, such as those we discussed above, have the incredible ability to aid in comfort, accuracy, and functionality. Purchasing just a few new parts can entirely revamp your rifle, vastly improving your shooting experience!

 However, these are just some of the countless other accessories available, whether that’s a new pistol light or even a shotgun choke! When selecting your accessories, it is always important to keep your personal goals in mind so that you can build your dream AR 15. 


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